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In Rap Sheet a woman is suspected of killing her girlfriend. CSI: NY. Trapped featured a lesbian killer. The Closer.

A family was killed in their own suburban home. The sole survivor is a rebellious teenage son, who is gay and has a boyfriend. Cold Case. Daniela has a love story about a young homeless transgender girl and her suburban, teenage boyfriend. It's Raining Men involves the re-investigation of a case involving a gay man, and AIDS activist, who died of strangulation in Best Friends features a teenage lesbian story back in the s, between a white girl and a black girl who used to dress like a man GLAAD Award winner episode. One Night tells the story of a kidnapped teenager who has a close friend and it's hinted that their feelings for each other are deeper than friendship.

Forever Blue has a male cop being killed for having an affair with his partner in Boy Crazy has a teenage transgender victim killed in Crossing Jordan. The only way a female rape and murder victim will get justice is if Jordan can persuade a professional baseball player to come out of the closet.

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In Belivers a dying transsexual wants to her her final operation post mortum. Digger has Niles trying to marry a man or a woman in order to remain in the country. Da Vinci's Inquest. A transgender person is found dead. In " A Cinderella Story ", a city council man is worried about being outted after a man is found dead in a bathoom. In " Oppenheimer Park " a transgender prostitute is accidentally killed by a gay male prostitute fleeing an abusive client.

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In " The Squirrels Are Of English Decent ", the police respond to the media attention from recent string of bias motivated murders. Dawsons Creek. His life in high school and college is followed in several subsequent episodes. Doctor Who. The Shakespeare Code Gridlock. Reflecting the questions surrounding the sexuality of William Shakespeare , he is presented in "The Shakespeare Code" as sexually interested in both the Doctor and his companion Martha Jones. The Drew Carey Show.

Wick could get a Green Card. In Just as I am , Kerry finally meets her birth mother, an Evangelical Christian, and comes out as being a lesbian. Kerry had started to come out to coworkers in season eight. In Next of Kin , a transsexual child is treated after a car accident. Everybody Loves Raymond. Amy suspects that Robert might be gay.

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Marie asks Robert if he is gay in Stefania Arrives. In Left Back we learn that Frank is convinced that little young Geoffrey is gay. Family Guy. Peter comes back from a weekend long seminar on sexual harassment, acting effeminate. In The Story on Page One Peter rewrites his daughter school newspaper article about the mayor, to one that accuses Luke Perry of being gay.

Peter's gay boss Mr. Weed is killed in Mr. Saturday Knight. In Sibling Rivalry , Stewie's sperm brother has two mothers.

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In You May Now Kiss the Guy Who Receives , Mayor west tries to ban gay marriage to distract voters. In Family Gay Peter gets injected with the "gay gene" and has a relationship with a guy named Scott. Billie goes undercover to catch a pair of lesbian home invasion robbers. This, and the pilot episode, suggested that Billie might be bisexual.

Inara has a female client, who gives Simon the technology needed to reattach Mal's ear. Male and female prostitutes are shown in Heart of Gold. Frasier is outed on the air incorrectly. The episode Dr. Nora is clearly a spoof on Dr.

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Laura Schlessinger. In Out with Dad Martin pretends to be gay to avoid dating a woman, which backfires when he is set up on a date with the woman's gay brother-in-law. Raging Bender. In Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch , the seemingly male Kif becomes pregnant and in Bend Her , Bender under goes a robot sex change operation in order to compete in the Earth Olympics, only to become the objection of Calculon. Some of the deleted scenes included on the series DVD have minor gay characters. Ghost Whisperer. Melinda must help the ghost of a dead mother communicate with her talented teenage son who has been lashing out because he learned of his mother's affair , that she is sorry for her affair and that the son needs to come out to his father.

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Grey's Anatomy. Joe and Walter are a couple. Daniel is going through gender-reassignment surgery. Darren is a patient who has a brain tumor and is at the hospital for an experimental treatment. He is in the army and is secretly gay, as per the army's ' don't ask, don't tell ' policy.

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Darren's boyfriend Todd visits him at the hospital, and the two share an intimate kiss. They are caught by Darren's father, who immediately is furious and kicks Todd out of Darren's room. Grounded for Life. A man with Mafia ties has to face that his dying brother is gay and is going into the witness protection program. In "Sleeping Dogs Lie" the team must save a woman from bouts of insomnia, with her female partner close by her side. In "Fetal Position" the woman who refuses to have an abortion, got pregnant with the help of a gay best friend. How I Met Your Mother. Barney invites his gay, black brother James Wayne Brady to "liven" up the gang's life as all of them have been 'coupled' off and Barney is alone.

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I'm with Her. Macho Hollywood action star Kyle Britton needs Patrick to pose as his girlfriend in an attempt to stay in the closet. Grace's openly gay younger brother comes to visit, only to face jail time for illegal drugs.

One of Jack' high school track mates, Matt, comes out to him, only to commit suicide causing Jack to blame himself. A female pilot outs herself to the lawyers to explain why a sexual harassment charge isn't true. In a later episode the pilot is a CIA operative. Just Shoot Me! Dennis Finch's fireman father and brothers come to town, convinced that Finch is gay, only to learn that one of the macho brothers is gay. The King of Queens.