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In the last century, those songs would have been worth millions. But by then they were out of the copyright they'd never quite been in. Along with the 38 cents, they also found a scrap of paper with the penciled words: "Dear friends and gentle hearts. Dear friends and gentle hearts: A century and a half ago, Stephen Foster could have used more of each. But he wrote "Beautiful Dreamer" in a flophouse, and it will live forever. Mark Steyn Club members in the mood for more 19th century verse, from a rather different perspective, should check out Steyn's latest in our Sunday poetry series - Rudyard Kipling's Recessional.

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If you are already a member, please log in here:. Beautiful Teamsters Please let me join. Can't drive a truck but I'm willin' to loin. Beautiful Teamsters, I love youze all. That's why I'm standing by your Union Hall. Driving through sleet and blizzard and shower. Blocking each street At the peak of rush hour.

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When it was over, I said Stephen Foster's statue had been removed in his hometown. A few people seemed shocked and one person asked why. I said basically because he wrote about "darkies. She was visibly upset that I had mentioned it. Unlike some other genres like contra or English Country dance, which seem to attract hippies and leftists, Scottish couples-dancing attracts fairly normal people.

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For my money, Marilyn Horne's interpretation is one of the loveliest I've ever heard. Ditto for her "I Dream of Jeanie"--there's a genuine, unforced ache in her voice that grabs me every time I hear her sing it. She will make you hear the song as if you have never heard it before. Hi Mark, What a delight to read about Stephen Foster. Growing up in Ireland his songs were popular sung a Capella in my aunts pub. I had thought that Beautiful Dreamer was one of Moores Melodies. The copy right reminded me of Percy French who wrote Abdul Abulbul Amir and sold it for 5 pounds sterling.

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It became a popular song all over the world. It is disgraceful that Pittsburgh should take down this statue. I believe that there should be a museum dedicated to him. I gathered that around the time of the premiere in Atlanta Margaret was accused of racism. Thank you for mentioning Percy French.

Tootling around County Down a couple of years back, I drove my daughter nuts warbling "The Mountains of Morne" - his most beguiling melody, with I often feel a slightly mismatched lyric. I was going to do a BBC show on him many years ago, but never got around to it. May be time to dust off that material. I visited his old Kentucky home in Bardstown, KY. It was a very nice tour for our family. It was well done and good look into the 's. We are truly moving toward being a culturally ignorant.

A country without a past is not going to have a future Godspeed to us all. I used to think that what was meant by 'the song' was the melody and the lyrics, and that the instrumentation, or arrangement were merely contextual in nature, and the less, the better. Nowadays, it seems most music effectively obliterates both, and in the case of the lyrics, this is generally fortunate. The reason for the comment? I decided to go over to YouTube and listen to "Beautiful Dreamer," and did listen to several versions, and the most beautiful one by far, in my opinion, is the a cappella version by Sheryl Crow. She sings the complete song, i.

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It's truly elegant, and without affectation. My eyes tear up at the sound of this song, and in the knowing of the story of this gifted man who died in a flophouse. You have encouraged me to listen to it yet again. Not yet a member of the Mark Steyn Club? Join now! Tweets by MarkSteynOnline. In Pittsburgh, the rude world has all but throttled his "soft melody", but, for the moment, not here: A century and a half ago, living in a cheap hotel on the Bowery in New York's Lower East Side, a young man laid low by a fever tried to rise from his sick bed.

Broke and abandoned, Stephen Foster was living the lyric he'd written the best part of a decade earlier: 'Tis the song, the sigh of the weary Hard Times, Hard Times, come again no more Many days you have lingered around my cabin door Oh, Hard Times, come again no more And so there was only really one "latest song" - if not, as it's often claimed to be, the very last song he ever wrote, then certainly the last Stephen Foster song to implant itself in the popular consciousness: Beautiful Dreamer Wake unto me Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee Sounds of the rude world Heard in the day Lull'd by the moonlight have all pass'd away!

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And for Stephen Foster's last hurrah it is appropriately a pledge of faith in the beguiling, transformative powers of music: Beautiful Dreamer Queen of my song List while I woo thee with soft melody Gone are the cares Of life's busy throng Beautiful Dreamer Awake unto me! Comment on this item Submission of reader comments is restricted to Mark Steyn Club members only. Forgotten password?

My favorite verse, however, was this: Driving through sleet and blizzard and shower. On occasion.

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