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Ellis Carrington. Thus, like many of his fellow citizens, Buckley was unable to discern the contradiction between his Christian belief system based on the life of a committed pacifist who was willing to die rather than defend himself, with his own willingness to use a form of high-tech barbarism that would annihilate millions of innocent people.

Not to mention the errors of early-warning systems highlighted in chapter two. It is also important to ask government officials and religious leaders "Under what conditions would you turn the key? These values questions take the issue of nuclear war killing out of the realm of the abstract. Years ago, the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre said that the biggest crime of our time was to make the concrete abstract. Not all sects of Christianity suffer from a militaristic ethic and advocacy of nuclear weapons.

source url During the s, with the rise of the Nuclear Freeze movement, numerous Christian theologians sought to convince members of the clergy and their parishioners to address the nuclear war problem.