Manual CameraWorks Ausgabe 2 / Volume 2 Nov/Dez 2012 (German Edition)

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It defines the epoch of social systems and our indoor social life. The chapter shows how suspense becomes a world principle and stress an aesthetic category. It defines a modern anthropotechnics, or art with humans. It redefines the action zones of a modern world that stages its own conditions and the place of the work of art in it.

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Mark Seltzer Mark Seltzer. This Site. Duke University Press. Publication date:. Book Chapter. Sign in. Client Account. The hardcover publication will be launched tomorrow, simultaneously with a big exhibition showcasing the work of all selected photographers. The photo book has a print run of 3.

You can find these four of my pictures in the book and exhibition:. Take a look at joostbastmeijer. This month, I will be taking over the Hatje Cantz Fotoblog. For more of my photography work, you can check out my website. On the eve of an alternative rite of passage with the festivities, but without the circumcision , I attended a beauty pageant organized to empower the young girls of Maasai tribes surrounding Olentoko, a region in Kenya. The beauty pageant was organized in order to show Maasai girls that they are indeed beautiful, to let them feel appreciated and celebrated by their community.

After the beauty pageant, a candle light ceremony was concluded by prayers and blessings from the Maasai elders, completing the first day of ceremonies. Not only because of his pictures are brilliant, also because of the fact that he has access to parts that for others, will remain hidden. He started the online photo project Kibera Stories in , and has been published a lot since then.

Just a month ago, he was rewarded the EAPA award for the picture below. As a photographer and photo book editor myself, I know how annoying it can be that people are getting more and more aware of their rights when it comes to photography. This can be annoying, because a lot of picture-perfect moments are lost while you are having these kinds of conversations — every spontaneity and realness is gone.

At the other hand: of course, these are fair points. As a photographer or editor, it can be hard to see it from another perspective: the perspective of the portrayed. So when I came across this eye-opening Twitter thread, I had to share it.

And the most disturbing thing is: she even signed one of these model consent forms! To read her whole, cautionary story, click below or look it up on Twitter. This month, I will being sharing pictures of some African and Dutch photographers that caught my eye — here on the Hatje Cantz Fotoblog!

A lot of criticism was based on the title of the first book, which was perhaps childishly naive, but at the same time deliberately provocative. It was meant to cause a discussion. The criticism was based on the idea of creating a visual perception of the other. The pictures in the two books are beautifully uncomfortable. My work is a mirror of who we are and who we could be. Read the whole interview here. You can follow Jimmy Nelson on Instagram. What I think is really interesting about this book, is that it makes the leap from the online medium of Instagram, to the offline of photo books.

There is also an eight page chapter in Depart, that features photos I took on a trip to Israel, Jordan and Palestine. My name is Joost Bastmeijer , a photo journalist currently traveling through Africa. This month on the Hatje Cantz Fotoblog, I will being sharing pictures of some African and Dutch photographers that caught my eye. Fredrik is a photojournalist based in Kenya, who has been working for several international media and NGOs over the last couple of years.

In collaboration with a fancy ballet studio in the upperclass Karen area, ballet classed are held to give young dancers the opportunity to be part of national ballet productions.

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Follow Fredrik on Instagram to see more of his work. In less than three days, auction site catawiki. One of my pictures which is also visible here is also for sale — the starting price for this print will be euros. To find out more about the photo auction, check out this Facebook page , this WarChild web page or the event page of venue Melkweg Amsterdam. By Sacha de Boer. When my girlfriend and I decided to swap The Netherlands for Eastern Africa, one of the first images that came to mind were the vibrant pictures of Sam Vox. The tropical island of Zanzibar runs on mass tourism, but the biggest city of Zanzibar is supposedly quite something else.

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Candace Karch sugarbeam on instagram has been taking photos since before the invention of Instagram. In her early days, she shot film. In her mid-days, she discovered digital photography. She has made a piece of artwork every day for the last 95 years. Her work, which spans over eight decades, includes a wide variety of styles and mediums.

Some of the most striking works for me have been her self-portraits. She has often expressed that a man might have interfered with her work. Marie Ulmer has spent a lifetime devoting herself to art, her constant companion.

I have great admiration for her focus and dedication to her one true love, art. We also feature the best in new and established photographers, and are constantly on the lookout for more. Each image contains an open-ended narrative where I leave the viewer to draw their own conclusion based on how they interpret it. Drawn from her daily life and wanderings, the photos explore loneliness and isolation, filtered through her lens of absurdist dark humor. We are both witnessing the process and experiencing the result.

Tara Wray takes us on a visual and emotional journey with disarming humor that lets us lean in to the sadness. It shows the entire spectrum of historical and contemporary photography in Berlin every two years. Numerous museums, cultural institutions, galleries, project spaces, embassies, and photo schools in Berlin and Potsdam present exhibitions and events which have been selected by a panel of experts.

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The program of events will feature talks and panels with internationally renowned photographers, curators, media experts, and journalists, accompanied by performances, music acts, workshops, and Photobook: RESET. I am a fly. Try and take an image as if you were a fly. Please post your photos between 23 September and 14 October using the hashtag martinparrassignment on Instagram.

What to win? We provide a space to share work taken by people with a discerning eye. TAAS runs monthly assignments based on the work of a photographer or on themes. TAAS is an online photography platform and community on Instagram that is always on the lookout for up-and-coming and established photographers of note to highlight. Originally from Budapest, she now lives and works in Amsterdam.

These are the elements. Care, strength, patience, devotion. These are the things holding it together. The pillars rely on their own inner stability while being framed only by the floor and the ceiling. As the objects are being piled up, they become a coherent entity, but their delicate arrangement and balancing structure makes them vulnerable. They can be destroyed at any moment. Not only the existence of the image is in danger if the installation collapses, but the noise of the fallen objects might awaken the sleeping baby, which puts an end to the working session. Pillars of home gives ninety-eight answers to one dilemma: how does a mother find balance between all her priorities.

A never-ending juggling act. Gregor Klar invite you on a stroll aka Instawalk through West Berlin for meetberlinstories.

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Here are the details:. Berlin is a diverse, vibrant, international city, full of history. It is also an important center of contemporary art and photography, attracting all kinds of thinkers and makers. The next two volumes are dedicated to the work of Ralph Mecke, who was born in Berlin but now lives in New York, and Annette Hauschild, a long-time resident of Berlin and part of the renowned Agentur Ostkreuz.