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Shaping the future for clean sport Sir Reedie believes the future of clean sport is a promising one, despite that today the very integrity of sport is at stake and under greater scrutiny than ever before. He explains, that with every new incident of doping that occurs, sport loses a little morsel of those values that we hope to find in the playing of games. The win-at-all-costs mentality should never prevail over honest, fair sport. Sir Reedie details some of the many activities WADA now has in place from education, research and athlete committees to support a future of clean sport.

Highlighing that WADA fosters the next generation of athletes through preventative education and showing to the world that doping never leads to the success that it promises. WADA has built robust systems, in line with the Code, that are aimed at the protection of clean sport. What is absolutely vital now is ensuring that those tasked with practicing anti-doping rules do so more effectively, since a system is only as good as the players on the pitch. Protecting the integrity of sport is at the core of everything WADA does. Cubs closer Craig Kimbrel has had a rough go of it lately.

Heading into his Saturday appearance against the NL East-leading Cardinals, he had already tied his career-high for home runs given up in a season with seven. Louis, so he decided to give his struggling righty a chance with Chicago up one run in the top of the ninth.

Not only does the team sit six games behind St. I was pumped out there. I was excited. I think around that same time I bought my first set of pocket wizards, which then changed the way I shoot forever.

Craig Levein sacked by Hearts after terrible run which leaves club second bottom of the league

That is when I started shooting weddings as well. I see that you shoot portraits, weddings, and sports. What is your favorite genre to photograph? I like them all for different reasons. That is my favorite thing to do.

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I would say shooting for magazines are my favorite assignments. What is your go to lens kit for sporting events? Are you a Canon or Nikon guy? I also have a 1D Mark Iin and a 30D for remotes and time lapse projects, etc. I loved the D1H back in the day. Anyway, my go to kit depends on the sport I am shooting, but for soccer games, I shoot with a 2.

Sometimes a fisheye for stadium shots and crowd photos, etc. What advice can you give to any of the aspiring sports photographers out there? A lot of people think shooting sports is fun — and it is to a certain point — but is not just a front row seat to a cool event. For a Timbers match that starts at 7pm, I arrive at the stadium around or 4 and leave around or Football games are even worse.

For a college football game I might leave my house at 9am for a 3pm game and get home around 10pm. Night games are the worst.

Craig: Our Minds Are Clearer

I get home like 1 or 2 am from a game that starts at So make sure you are getting paid! You are the team photographer for the Portland Timbers, how did you come by that gig? How have you enjoyed it so far?

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The people are fantastic to work with, the players are great to work with and the games are super fun to shoot and there are great pictures to be made at every match. Nothing even comes close. They would hire me to shoot mainly baseball stuff and player headshots, etc and call me in to shoot a few soccer matches each season and do program cover photos, etc. Once the team made the jump to MLS, they offered me a contract as the team photographer to cover all home games and provide all the photography for the team.

Is it difficult to manage a portrait and wedding studio in addition to a thriving sports photography business? A lot of times people think I do a ton of stuff…but to me, I only do a couple of things.

My elevator speech goes like this: I am a commercial and editorial photographer specializing in sports, corporate people and weddings. I shoot Weddings, Athletes and People with Ties.

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So its pretty easy to manage. My assistant Liz has been with me for 4 or 5 years now and she makes it a lot easier.

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It gets pretty crazy sometimes, but I never feel overwhelmed at all. In fact, I am always trying to bring in more clients and do more.

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I figure there are days in a year so I should be trying to shoot on of them. What was your favorite shoot from the last few years?

Tell us the story behind it.