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Mariamne II;. Mary, mother of Jesus. Mary resided in "her own house" in Nazareth in Galilee, possibly with her parents, and during her betrothal — the first stage of a Jewish marriage Jesus Christ Superstar. Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene is a woman in all four gospels of the New Testament. She became a faithful follower of Jesus after he delivered her from seven demons. Mary Herod Profiles Facebook.

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Jesus, King of the Jews

Mary Herod was born on month day , at birth place, Georgia, to John E. Herod and Margaret Herod born Parham. John was born in , in Noth Carolina The second expert was Israel Hershkovitz, a Tel Aviv University anthropologist, who re-examined the nails that were found within the ossuary using an electron microscope, and found that the nails did indeed penetrate the bones of the hand — driven through the palm and bent or hooked, presumably to keep the arms and hands secured on the cross beam of the cross.

This is aside from the fact that, if she was correct, then the Romans crucified a woman, something that Hershkovitz maintained the Romans almost never did. The "Abba" tomb. The "Abba" tomb inscription. The ossuary, in situ within the tomb. The "Abba" ossuary, showing the ornate engravings on one side.

Yoav Dothan, Wikimedia Commons. Tabor, for his part, favors a reconsideration of the original interpretation of the Abba tomb discovery. As he relates in his blog, he suggests the argument for the remains of a crucified and beheaded male in the tomb is still convincing. It was assumed back in the s that these bones were buried and no longer available for analysis—but it turns out this is not the case. What is even more intriguing, the victim was arguably none other than Matitiyahu Antigonus—the last of the Hashmonean kings—who was both beheaded and crucified by Marc Anthony.

Cold case: Did archaeologists find the last Maccabean king, after all?

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Crucified remains and a broken jaw have confused scientists for decades. But it could well be that the last Hasmonean king has been found under a private house in Jerusalem. Inside the two-chambered burial, dating back to the first century BCE, archeologists found a decorated ossuary — a limestone box containing the bones of the deceased — and an enigmatic Aramaic inscription affixed to the wall.

Who was Abba, this unfortunate priest from Jerusalem?

And who was the Mattathiah whose remains were apparently buried in the cave? These questions have been fiercely debated by scholars for the past 40 years. This view identifies the Abba cave as the final resting place of a key figure in Jewish history: Mattathiah Antigonus II, the last king of the Hasmonean dynasty, whose reign was followed by Roman conquest, the destruction of the Second Temple and two millennia of exile.

The supposed discovery of his remains was widely publicized in the Israeli media in the s, and set off an archeological detective story that continues to this day, punctuated by academic rows, sudden tragedies and surprising twists. At the same time, the cryptic text, the fact that the ossuary lacked any identifying inscription and that it was found buried in a niche under the floor of the cave suggested that Abba may have acted in secret, which is consistent with the persecution the Hasmoneans and their followers suffered after the fall of Mattathiah.


The Maccabees, or Hasmoneans, had ruled ancient Israel since leading the revolt against the Syrian Greeks, which Jews commemorate during Hanukkah. His reign was marked by constant warfare to keep Judea out of the clutches of Rome and its main ally in the area, Herod. Three nails where found in the ossuary with pieces of hand bones attached to two of them, suggesting the victim had been crucified.

But then, there was an accident. A month after the TV program aired, Haas slipped on an icy Jerusalem street and hit his head. He spent the last 13 years of his life in a coma and never published his findings on the cave. The bones were passed on for analysis to Patricia Smith, an anthropologist from the Hebrew University. While agreeing that the remains included the skull fragments of a young man, she concluded that the cut jaw belonged to the elderly person — and that this individual was a woman.

In her report, published in in the Israel Exploration Journal, she also dismissed the idea that crucifixion had occurred because the nails had not passed through the bones. The ossuary and the inscription were given to the Israel Museum, where they are still displayed today, and the bones, following pressure from ultra-orthodox Jews were reburied in the same spot they were found.

Raphael Delarosa, the owner of the house under which the cave was found, continued to believe that he was living above the tomb of the last true king of Israel. Delarosa preserved the cave and kept it open for small groups of visitors and researchers. In a paper published last year in the IEJ, Yoel Elitzur, a Hebrew University historian, sheds some light on the enigmatic priest Abba and links him to the Hasmonean dynasty.

As a scholar of Semitic languages and of the names of places in ancient Israel, Elitzur notes that in Jewish texts and manuscripts the name Abba and Baba were often used interchangeably. In yet another twist of this puzzling cold case, Haaretz can reveal that researchers did not return all the bones for reburial in the cave. Some key remains, including the nails and the cut jaw and vertebra, were sent for safekeeping to Tel Aviv University anthropologist Israel Hershkovitz and remained untouched in his lab for years.

He analyzed the nails using an electron microscope, determining that they did break the bones of the hand, as would occur in crucifixion. This itself is a blow to skeptics, since Romans rarely crucified women, Hershkovitz said. Hershkovitz has been trying to extract DNA from the jaw in order to confirm whether it belonged to a man or a woman. Hershkovitz has definitely clarified this issue.

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