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I stayed sober one day at a time and learned how to use A. My prescription was gradually reduced, and by the time I was sober about a year and a half I no longer required the medication. In retrospect, knowing the nature of my physical illness and the benefits of the medication in terms of helping rebuild my intestinal tract, I would consider the negative advice I received as ethically irresponsible and dangerous.

I had to trust my doctors with my medical problems — not blindly, but with a regular review of my healing program and medical needs. The time came when there was no need for this prescribed tranquilizer. I stopped taking the medication and have not taken anything since. There was no physical withdrawal, but I did experience a psychological attachment that was uncomfortable. I shared this with my sponsor and used the A. I had real symptoms. I started drinking at age 14, and I smoked pot every day. I could still go to school when I smoked pot, but not when I drank. Later, when I was 18, I started using cocaine along with alcohol to try and stay out of blackouts.

Alcoholics Anonymous : A.A. Member-Medications and Other Drugs

After I graduated high school, I went to business school, and then to a job in accounting. I was still drinking and drugging, though, and spent a lot of time sleeping at work, right at my desk.

I am sober 11 years now. We had a party for her, and I cracked open the keg a couple hours before it started. Whatever happened, though, it shook up my mother, who called in a crisis team the next day. I felt somewhat relieved because I had been telling myself that I should be put away, that my behavior was insane. I told the team about all the drinking, and all the drugs I was doing, and they recommended I go into detox. My husband at the time did not want me to have any part of A.

They wished me luck, and I held on for about nine days on my own. Desperate, I called Intergroup and went to a meeting. I started going to meetings and eventually I told my husband that I had joined A. We had a big fight, but over time my relationship with him changed. I started getting stronger. Then, when I was two and a half years sober, my husband died in a motorcycle accident. The night it happened I went to a meeting. I knew that when things are bad, I have to be at a meeting. Some time later I met Gary, an A.

Up until this point in my recovery, I do not feel that I suffered depression. Then I had my fourth child, a daughter. About a year after her birth I started feeling awful. My emotions were either sad, mad or who cares. Finally I went to a doctor. I told her about my recovery, and she prescribed an antidepressant. I started getting used to the medication, and it seemed to be working. But after a few months I was feeling angry and sad again. I questioned taking the antidepressant, fearing I just wanted to use a pill to solve my problems.

I started going to more meetings again, and I picked up my service work, but I continued to feel worse and worse. I was spiraling downward. There was one day when I was driving to go get the kids, and I wanted to go to the bar. On another occasion I got very angry with my son and ended up smacking him in the head. That was it for me, because I did not hit my children. I talked to my doctor about my concern that I was using medicine when I should be able to handle life better myself. He gave me a pamphlet to read, which consisted of a bunch of questions. I no longer felt that I was just trying to cope by taking a pill.

He put me on a different antidepressant, and I felt much better. Recently, I began having tremendous pain in my hips, and my doctor prescribed medicine for that too. I am very wary of taking anything new, and my doctor starts me off slow.

Guide Home Remedies: God´s Prescription for You, Your Family and Your Future

I value my sobriety, so I question everything with my doctor, and I try to be careful. I rode the pink cloud for over a decade in sobriety. I was single and pretty much free to do as I pleased, so I was able to give a lot of time to A.

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I felt good almost all the time. My career took off, and I had a great relationship with my girlfriend. Even after we married, and I needed to spend more time being a good husband, I very much enjoyed the benefits of living a spiritual life and being in the Fellowship. My career peaked when I was offered a vice presidency at a large corporation. I did my best to be humble and stay grounded. While all this great career movement took place, my wife and I started our family.

When my daughter turned two, we found out that my son was on his way. We had a nice home and a good income, so everything seemed great. Trouble loomed around the corner. The business started a very fast decline, to the point where I had to cut the staff by eighty percent.

Religious Groups’ Views on End-of-Life Issues

Then I got transferred to a much less prestigious position. My two children both had problems that we did not know about when they were infants. I felt so angry with God. Why, when I did all that I could for A. I felt betrayed, infuriated, devastated and I went into a deep depression. I felt tired all the time, angry with everyone, even suicidal. I struggled with this depression for almost two years. I went to a therapist and he tried very hard to help me, and at times I felt better. But the dark mood persisted and in my new job I started to act as I had when I drank, getting resentments, missing work, feeling paranoid.

I knew and accepted that I had clinical depression. I thought that I could beat it though, with therapy and A. Unfortunately, after trying for two years that combination did not work. My therapist encouraged me to see my doctor and see if I could get help with medicine. At first I was totally against the idea.

I had taken many drugs in addition to my drinking and after finding such a better life sober, I did not want to even consider drugs. My mind opened that day and I became willing to consider medical help. I prayed about it and talked to my sponsor, my therapist and to others in the Fellowship and finally decided to talk to my medical doctor about my depression. She started me on an antidepressant.

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