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A lifeguard has to be confident in his knowledge and expertise and ready to show them at the time of hiring. The employers prefer those individuals who not only act as life savers but can also teach safe swimming techniques. They can search their jobs through internet and newspapers ads which can help them to get the job of their own choice and salary. With the expansion of tourism and recreation throughout the world, the demand for lifeguards has increased where the companies are not only ready to provide them handsome salary but also accommodation and training facilities.

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Many of them are also offered sick leaves, health insurance, paid vacations and recreation facilities. The career opportunities are countless and ever changing for a life of a lifeguard.

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For becoming swimming instructors, they require both qualification and experience. They need to have refresher courses for keeping updated with latest rescue techniques and equipment. Those who have excelled their expertise in field of pool management and operations can become a successful pool operator. We all remember those early career aspirations, but whether they came true or not, they do reveal a lot about us, and what we desire in a career.

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As a little girl I always wanted to be a dancer, to perform all over the world and tell people a story through actions not words. I wanted to draw people in and make them feel all sorts of emotions; so I took up many classes and tried very hard to make my dream career work. As I grew older I started to understand that my career aspiration was unrealistic for the level of which I was at, but it lead to me to realise what I longed for in a dream job. I learnt that I had to be surrounded by people, that my career goals had to centre on creating something that others can learn from or take away the message I shared.

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As a grown up I found that my future career in the field of marketing will give me that passion I wanted to express as a dancer. What does yours? This type of passion can be reflected into adulthood as many of us keep similar interests we had as a child. For example a marine biologist may have grown up with a special interest in marine life as they visited the aquarium regularly, studying science in high school may have come as a talent and thus a future career is formed.

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On the other end of the spectrum many children believe a career in singing would be amazing, but overtime they learn they are not very good at singing and therefore its not an ideal career to aspire to. The dreams we had as children reveal talents, passions and even limitations on what we can achieve and can be something to learn from.

Everyone thrives in different environments, many of us prefer to work alone and keep to them, some prefer to work with others and have a high level of interaction whilst other people consider themselves to be in-between. Childhood dreams of being an artist, pilot and astronaut describes an environment with low levels of interaction and you may find people with these dreams in a similar environment in their current job.

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Keep this part of your answer short one sentence is fine and be sure to give some context by explaining what part of your dream job appeals to you. They can be a lot of different things, including work-life balance, salary, vacation time and company culture. Because of my passion for digital platforms, I want to be involved in working on projects like the ones your company is working on, especially because I love working in places that put an emphasis on collaborative environments and teamwork.

Interviewers are much more likely to be impressed by a sincere response related to skills or values that are in line with the position.