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God has given me the gift of healing body, mind and soul and I have been meditating for a long time. I want to reconnect with my Scottish ancestors-I often have visions when listening to the bagpipes. I think I will try listening to bagpipes at a low volume Sargent McKenzie while meditating and see where it takes me!

Aloha Casy! Amazing, keep us posted on your bag pipe meditations! Spiritual healing is so unique culture to culture, I love all the variations! I also love to read religious and spiritual guidance books. Thank you for sharing the wonderful post with us.

I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power

It was very knowledgeable and helpful. Keep Posting. This is a very well written post. It is very good approach to make the people aware of their health. I am emotionally depressed with my relationship and finances. Me and my partner are seeking counseling but I want some time of healing from my stress and insecurities. I want to be more positive in my life what should I do. It may be a shamanic journeying meditation, a dance meditation or a classical sitting Buddhist meditation — meditations are meant to help us increase awareness and transform.

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I feel like my soul , the deepest part of me is lost to my ex girlfriend. Aloha Ravi: Yes, it is common in relationship break ups to experience soul loss. Introduction to Spiritual Healing Spiritual Healing is about working with illness, dis-ease, and dis-harmony from multiple angles. Healing vs.

Curing In modern society, we expect quick fixes. Shamanic Introduction. Let Us Help You. We will help you discover graceful solutions.

Contact Us. What is Spiritual Healing Healing is usually a mixture of interventions — physical medical and non-medical, energetic interventions and mental interventions. The Spiritual Healing Journey A spiritual healing journey addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins.

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How does it feel? Does it have any complaints? Eat Healthily. What does this mean for us now? Can we eat less sugar? Are we still eating fast food? Do we drink enough water? Find small ways to improve dietary habits. Eat more vegetables. Eat more local and organic foods.

Learn more about diet. Choose one thing and move forward! Finding exercise we enjoy and can easily integrate into our daily life is one of the biggest challenges many people face. Try dancing, walking, surfing, jumping rope, swimming, yoga — try whatever calls to you — until you find an exercise that you feel like practicing! Get a massage or have a spa day with a friend. Go to the chiropractor or physical therapist. Find a circle of healers who will care for your body and address any complaints it might have proactively.

Trataka Meditation: Still Eyes, Still Mind

Are we getting an appropriate amount of sleep? Do we feel rested? Create an evening sleep ritual. Turn off the TV. Take an evening soak by candlelight.

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Listen to a favorite audio meditation or put on some relaxing music. Soul Work Healing Your Soul. Read More. Spiritual Healing: Purify Our Relationships What does it mean to purify our heart, relationships, and personal energy field? Balance Giving and Receiving. Are we giving and receiving in our close relationships? Or, are we mostly giving? Or, only receiving? No heart can be pure if it is constantly comparing and judging others right or wrong.

Find a supportive coach or counselor to help you release judgment. Read What is Love?

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First, begin reducing the negative energy you receive on a daily basis. Then, find an enjoyable practice that helps build and maintain energy. Qigong, light visualization , and acupuncture are a few of our favorite energy practices. Spiritual Healing: Use the Mind for Creative Freedom How do we free our mind and use it to grow and create a life we love? Practice meditation. There are so many wonderful meditation practices to help keep our mind clear.

Guidance on Healing - Physical and Spiritual

Casey has a morning meditation he teaches and loves. There are numerous styles of meditation. Try several and practice the one that resonates the most for your body-heart-mind! Pursue intellectual challenges. Read, take a course, pursue a degree and find ways to challenge your mind to grow. Tell stories.

We are our story : so talk story and write out your stories. Shamanic Retreat. Soulful people have a connected body, heart, and mind. So, by finding the practices you love for your body, heart and mind you will free the soul. You will experience more moments where your thinking is aligned with your feelings and the physical motion of your body. Consider a destiny coaching session. Build Mana. Be willing to build your spiritual power, so you have a strong body without complaint, energy to fulfill your dreams and a clear mind able to make choices in the present moment without doubt and distraction.

In this way, you will free your soul to create a life you love!

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