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Marketing encompasses much more than an advertisement, blog post, or event. In order to execute successfully, you must complete all the steps prior to this. Now that you've established your goals what you want , your key messages what you're going to say , and your audience who you're going to say it to , you can determine your marketing tactics how you're going to say it. Marketing tactics refer to channels like email marketing, social media, events, and more.

We've dedicated an entire section to these marketing strategies — read about them in detail below. Regardless of which tactic you choose, be sure to conduct thorough planning before and as you execute on it. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you prepare:. Tactical planning is an integral part of your overall nonprofit marketing plan. How you approach your marketing strategies and how they impact your organization is just as important as how you execute on them. Before you hit the ground running on any of these strategies , be sure your team has a solid game plan and a full understanding of it.

Your marketing probably won't perform perfectly from the get-go.

Inspire More Signups to Your Nonprofit’s Email List

That's OK. Routine reporting and analysis help you figure out what's working and what you need to change. As you choose and establish your marketing channels, pay attention to the measurable performance indicators for each. Here's a list of examples from our list of marketing strategies below :.

Best Nonprofit Website Designs (12222 Edition)

Remember the goals you defined in step one? The point of measuring your marketing performance is to stay aligned with those goals. You can track these performance indicators using tools like Google Analytics , HubSpot , and the analytics tools built into Facebook , Twitter , and other social media sites. If you know what you want to measure before you start marketing your nonprofit, you'll know exactly what to look for — and how to determine success and impact — when your marketing is in play. You've created your nonprofit marketing plan.

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Now, let's talk about how to execute that plan with actionable marketing strategies. Many of these nonprofit marketing strategies will overlap, like sharing your blog content on social media or releasing an event invite over email. These methods can and should be used in tandem, but we recommend introducing each strategy slowly so your team doesn't overwhelm itself. In fact, we recognize that your nonprofit is likely operating with a small but agile! Ultimately, though, don't hesitate to outsource your nonprofit marketing where needed.

You might be using email sporadically to call for volunteers or confirm an online donation, but that's not enough. Email marketing is a highly effective marketing resource, especially for nonprofit organizations. It's personal and powerful. Also, don't forget to put information on your website about how to subscribe to your email list. Nonprofit organization Acumen does a great job of this by putting subscription opportunities on their homepage and in their main menu.

Email marketing automation like HubSpot saves precious time and energy for your team and can be the key to growing your email list, donations, and memberships. You can also automate an email sequence triggered by website visitor behavior indicating a high level of interest, such as downloading educational content. Event marketing is one of the most effective and enjoyable!

1. Share Your Nonprofit’s Wins on Social Media

Whether they're consuming content for work, school, or fun, people prefer video content. As a nonprofit organization, video marketing is a surefire way to garner interest and support from all of your audiences. The Girl Effect , a nonprofit that works to empower girls worldwide, is a great example of video marketing. The organization's homepage is a video, which captures visitors' attention right away. Moreover, when you click "See more," the site opens an informative video telling you all about The Girl Effect.

Social media is a highly popular marketing strategy among nonprofits. Not only is it free, but it provides an avenue for organizations to show their brand personalities and engage with their followers and supporters. Here are some ways to use social media for your nonprofit marketing, as inspired by a HubSpot study of 9, nonprofits :. Don't forget to use the key messaging you crafted in your nonprofit marketing plan to keep your social media posts consistent and targeted. Also, make the most of each platform to promote your organization, such as the Donate button on Facebook.

FIRST makes use of social media in many different ways, such as using Facebook to post videos, news, fundraisers, and reviews — as well as making use of the Donate button. The organization has amassed almost , followers.

2. The Humane Society

Implementing a user-generated content UGC campaign not only lessens your workload, but it also acts as strong social proof. To enact your UGC campaign, put out a call for constituent stories, images, and videos. Create a hashtag that people can use to alert you of new UGC. Also, let curation tools work for you. Use Google Alerts and social monitoring tools to alert you when your organization, hashtags, or relevant topics or keywords are mentioned.

This provides opportunities to source UGC, get inspiration for new topic ideas, and participate in relevant conversations. Every nonprofit organization should have a website.

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A website serves as a digital home base for your organization and includes critical information — what you stand for and how visitors can participate and help. Your website also houses important assets like your blog, social media streams, event information, videos, and more Lastly, your website serves as a way to intrigue, inspire, and engage your audiences. The site clarifies the ANA mission, shares news and educational content, and informs visitors how to get involved through memberships, events, certifications, or donations. It's said that people buy into other people, not products.

The same can be said about nonprofit organizations. If consumers believe in the people behind your organization, they're likely to buy in your cause and donate money or time. One of the best ways for consumers to get to know your leadership team, not to mention spread the word about your cause and organization, is public speaking. Whether you speak at a local event of people or a multi-day conference with thousands, the impact is the same: telling a powerful story to real people who may not yet know about your cause.

How to Build Nonprofit Marketing Campaign

While he shared some about the conception and organization of the nonprofit, he mostly talked about the people that his organization helps — and how the audience can support the mission. Harrison not only moved the audience of thousands but also effectively marketed the charity:water purpose and brand. Content marketing and blogging are valuable marketing assets for any nonprofit organization.

Here's why:. Creating a nonprofit marketing blog isn't always easy. Teams are short-staffed, budgets are low, and time is precious. Thankfully, there are lots of ways around those blogging challenges , such as sourcing story ideas from volunteers, donors, and customers as well as implementing an editorial calendar so you can plan ahead. One of my very favorite nonprofit organizations is called Blurt Foundation , a UK-based organization that exists to increase awareness and understanding of depression and support those who struggle with it.

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  4. There's a lot of misconception and misunderstanding around depression, so Blurt Foundation uses their blog content and other content resources to educate constituents and supporters. They also incorporate these content assets into their emails, social media posts, and online store. Content is an appreciating asset that you can reuse and re-promote over and over. Repurposing content to create new marketing assets costs far less than creating entirely new content.

    Outline all the ways you could repurpose the content you produce.

    For example, you could create the following list for your blog content:. Since you're not going to promote and distribute each piece of repurposed content immediately, your content pipeline is never empty. Check out HubSpot's free nonprofit content today. If that sounds like your organization, we recommend you use this guide to build a nonprofit marketing plan ASAP.

    Your organization might not operate for profit, but it can still value from the traffic, funds, and awareness that systematic marketing brings in. And not only will these activities and strategies help promote your organization, but they'll take a valuable load off the backs of your team and volunteers — freeing them up to dedicate more time to your cause and constituents.

    This ensures the best results for your investment over the long-term. Consistently adding new and informative content to your nonprofit website design is important for successful SEO and building traffic. Most importantly, it nurtures relationships and creates trust with current or future members of your community.

    The above six elements are the most common ones to include in a top-notch nonprofit website design.

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    However, there are others that you might implement to enhance the user experience, such as:. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch is an informational nonprofit website design with an accompanying mobile app that provides sustainability ratings for various seafood. Their rating system has three simple levels: avoid , good alternative, and best.