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Countries such as China and India are experiencing rapid growth, which at the same time is fueling their need for leaders. How organisations respond to these demographic events, the recruitment and the development of the next generation of leaders, are all becoming an increasingly pressing question.

Hwang described key reasons behind this lack of talent: the rapidly changing market which does not allow the right leaders to develop, the higher expectations of leaders resulting from fierce competition, etc. He then went on to discuss how this problem can be solved; e. Speakers: Prof. Johannes Pflug Member of Parliament Dr. Internal European relations: The role of the EU is even more important now than when it was set up. Not to prevent wars, but to deal with issues that can not be solved by one nation alone, such as environmental problems, climate change, and energy supply.

A key domestic challenge is that people are used to the presence of the EU and thus do not value its work, instead only seeing problems such as a lack of transparency, cost, and red tape. External politics of the EU: To be heard, the EU must speak with one voice on the international political arena.

Especially as the world power is shifting, it is important for European countries to band together and lobby their point as one. Work flow in the UN: Prof. UN Spring Summit: In this part she highlighted energy and climate change. The efforts of the EU will not be enough, so other nations like China must be made aware of the problems and helped in achieving and setting realistic goals.

She emphasised that Europe is not for the elite, but for each and every citizen. Pflug joined the Chamber evening on his way through China, as part of a political delegation. He highlighted the places he had been and pointed out the great benefit and learning potential of these trips.

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He placed great emphasis on the fact that these trips are not just a way for politicians to get a free holiday. The final speaker, Dr. Albrecht von der Heyden, spoke about how the EU commitment is strongly visible in the close relations between the 21 European consulates present in. This is especially visible in terms of joint co-operation for events such as the Olympics, EXPO , etc. He finished with the sentiment that each member state becomes stronger through a strengthened EU.

August 30, 2014

Hilarity and a heated discussion ensued when Mr. The shortage of practically skilled workers with hands-on experience in China, especially in the Yangtze Delta Region, is becoming increasingly severe. In response to this, the AHK plans to establish a new training centre in Taicang Jiangsu Province , which will be run in co-operation with the Chien Shiung vocational school in Taicang. The overall goals of the training centre are to offer both: Practically oriented long-term vocational education for skilled workers in line with the German dual system of vocational education ; and to Provide further on-the-job training berufsbegleitende Meisterausbildung for skilled workers who need management and leadership skills to work as group leaders.

Since this kind of education strongly depends on the co-operation Mr. Wang presents his group s results and participat i o n o f t h e companies, a working group on vocational training has been setup. The working group is hosted by Ms. It will serve as a platform for the participating companies in order to tailor the training to the actual needs of the companies. This is to guarantee a practically-oriented, hands-on training, as well as a close link with the participating companies. The project, which was presented during the Taicang Business Brunch in February this year as well as during the Special Breakfast Seminar in March, has already gained a lot of interest among the international business community.

The training offered corresponds to the dual system of vocational education in Germany, however it may be slightly adjusted to reflect local needs. The aim and result will stay the same though: educating and training highly qualified skilled workers who are already able to actively involve themselves in the various companies while doing the training.

Attendees discussed topics such as what fields the vocational and on-the-job training should focus on, organisation and design of training and training content, participation of companies, recruitment of future students, as well as financial support of the companies. The second meeting of the working group in Taicang is planned for 18 th June , which will include a visit to the vocational school and training centre.

For more information on this project please contact: Dr. Unit , Tower No. Kim Sun-Young Mr. Lei Zhang Mr.

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Clemens Jonas Mr. June - July District Tel: Fax: Mr. David Hiebaum General Manager mediaman internet design consulting shanghai Co. KG Rep. Gallen AG Rep. Ground Floor, No. Dueker Rep. Eskil Fredriksson Mrs. Sun-young Kim Mrs. Johanna Truestedt Mr. Klaus Saage If you are interested in becoming a member of the German Chamber of Commerce in China, please refer to our website: www.

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Claudia Barkowsky Tel: ext. Arndt Schulze Tel: ext. Workshop Construction Dr. Workshop Energy Saving Mr. Rolf H. Workshop Information Technology Mr. Marc Puls Tel: , Fax: Ms.

Search Engines Chapter 2 Architecture Exemplar for internal assessment resource German 1. Is Cloud relevant for SOA? Mittlerweile ist es aber sehr viel. Exemplar for Internal Achievement Standard German Level 1 This exemplar supports assessment against: Achievement Standard Interact using spoken German to communicate personal information, ideas and.

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The Consulate General assumes no responsibility for the. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited take no responsibility for the contents of this announcement, make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. It is a key gauge measuring. Digitale Transformation ist in vollem Gange?

Digitaler Reifegrad 1. Digital Consumption: Nutzung von Kundendaten 3. Vor dem Anschauen A. Was wissen Sie schon? What do you know already from studying Kapitel 1 in Vorsprung? True or false? Man sagt Hallo in Deutschland. Junge Personen. Dieses Mal. Present appointment since 1 August Assistant. Does Swiss IT Matter? September im Forum St.

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