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Part one of two; see part two here.

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Here are the three levels of the problem posed by 3 Cups Affair, from minor to serious. When Jon Krakauer was reporting the April Byliner.

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He got it. Krakauer reports that three board members quit in frustration over poor management in Yet none of them spoke out.

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Finally, Pakistan scholars knew there was something wrong with Three Cups of Tea because the descriptions of Pakistan were so inaccurate. Throughout the book, the authors get religious divides, tribal affiliations, and political alliances wrong. Why did nobody mention that much of it was bogus? Something is seriously wrong when an obvious fraud quickly recognized as such by area experts is so widely believed by US officers in a decade-long war.

It suggests that many other things our leaders civilian and military believe, perhaps foundational for our strategy, are also wrong. My guess: We need to believe we understand Afghanistan, and so want simple optimistic solutions.

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They look for some faddish self-styled expert bold and delusional enough to preach confident solutions, while often refusing to give audience to the expertise and hard-won experience in their own ranks. Spend some time with U. A young U.

A cup handle may be formed by making a shorter and thicker coil, scoring each end, then pressing it against the cup. Note: handle openings should be large enough to allow at least one finger to pass through after the clay shrinks slightly during the drying stage, but short enough to be self-supporting.

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The handle shown here is not open but can be held by pinching. To make a saucer, students should create another tangerine-sized sphere and press it with the palm to flatten to a circular disk.

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A foot can be created and attached to the top of the disk using either of the two methods in step 7 or 8. This will later be flipped and become the base of the saucer. The edge of the saucer may be shaped by lifting slightly and pressing in the center to create angled walls, or by pinching to create a ripple similar to pie crust. The Crystaltex CTL glazes have pre-fired chunks of glaze in them that create bursts of color upon firing. These crystals may be placed as desired during the application process.

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Pressure should be consistent and any cracks should be smoothed by rubbing across them as soon as they form. If the clay begins to crack as soon as the pinch pots are started, then it may be too dry. To moisten, add water to the clay in the bag or wrap spheres with moist towels and allow time for the water absorption approximately 15 minutes before working with the clay. Rather than creating a separate saucer for each cup, students could create a tray or large saucer that would hold all three cups and tie them together visually as well as conceptually.

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