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Just like in life, every accomplishment deserves to be celebrated. The most important lesson that I have learned in the last 5 years is that no matter how hard you try you will never make everyone around you happy, so focus on making yourself happy and letting everything and everyone else fall into place right behind you.

I have learned that you also won't make yourself happy every minute of the day, but you can't look at these as negative things they will only tear you down, you have to try as hard as you can to find a little bit of good in everything that surrounds you. The most important lesson that I have learned throughout my journey is to love and trust yourself unconditionally.

No matter what kind of journey you are embarking on, you will not have a successful journey unless you have the best travel companion; yourself. In fitness, you need to love yourself and appreciate yourself for the journey and realize that the change you wish to see will not happen overnight. You have to put the work in, love yourself, and trust yourself enough to finish the journey in the way that you set out to. It all starts with love. Trust in the process. Keep doing the little things consistently each day, and have faith that they will eventually get you to achieving your goal.

Be patient with it. For the past 3 years of my track and field career, I had this big-picture vision of becoming an All-American. Although, each day, I had to focus on the small things I could control - my warm-ups, recovery, mental approach, giving my all in each repetition day in and day out.

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I had so many races where I just wasn't quite there yet or wasn't mentally ready. I learned to trust that my training and the lessons I learned on my journey would get me to where I needed to be, without knowing if it actually would. It did. The last race of my college career, I raced in the finals at nationals as 5th place going in, and everything came together. Not only did I become an All-American, but I finished 2nd in the country. During the last 5 years of my journey I have learned the importance of a good attitude.

After graduating college in New Hampshire, moving to Florida for graduate school I'm not a Florida person I like the snow I struggled to have a good attitude in a place that I didn't see as being as great as New England. I came back from winter break up north one year and realized I was missing out on any wonderful things Tampa, FL had to offer due to my attitude. Three years later, with a masters and a job I'm still here. That attitude change allowed me to fall in love with a place, my life, my job and truly find happiness in what I was doing and who I was.

For me over the past 5 years, I've truly learned patience. Patience is Everything. I was the kind of person who ate fast, talked fast and walked fast and when things weren't fast enough I grew anxious and irritable at how slowly people were moving , processes took, or progress to be noticed. Then my practice brought me a great sense of awareness to where all my irritations seemed to be stemming from I was creating this pressure of needing to rush through everything, rush through life.

And for what?

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  5. To be irritable, Maybe get to someplace 2 minutes earlier. Was it really worth it? That's when I began my journey more with patience in my heart and practice. Finding my Patience has helped to bring me a greater sense of inner peace and happiness. The biggest lesson I learned was that it is okay to lose people in the process and be selfish every once and a while. I lost friends and made major shifts in my life that were definitely hard, but I am so much happier and healthier now. Editing your life is necessary, you should never feel guilty for trying to make yourself happy!

    I think the most important lesson I'm learning is patience. Patience with myself, with others, with my own journey. Whether it be work, teacher training, or getting into a pose I've been only dreaming of. Just understanding that this life isn't a race and I'm not competing with anyone. That's been a hard lesson for me, and I have a feeling I'll be learning it for a long time. But it is a journey see what I did there?

    The greatest lesson I've learned in my yoga journey is the importance of approaching my practice with gratitude. Injury and illness have reminded me this year that I can't take anything for granted—not even "basic" poses like Child's. What's amazing is that even in spite of misfortune, gratitude makes my practice feel so much more enriched than ever before. And, as with most things in yoga, this feeling of enrichment spills off the mat and permeates every aspect of my life. My journey is full of great friends, family and daily experiences that make every day unique.

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    A simple coffee date, a phone call with someone I love, making a healthy dinner with my family are the little things that create happiness for me. It's really all about surrounding yourself with positive people and being present in the moment…. I would say the most important lesson I learned from the last 5 years of my journey was I honestly don't know one specific one because the last 5 years of my journey was totally different each year.

    Back to , I was a senior at Penn State, in a relationship which I was miserable and trying to figure out where I was about to go after graduation I knew I was extremely interested in human trafficking but I just didn't know where to go with it. I graduated and moved back home at the end of the summer ready to start a fresh knew "adult" life which I thought.

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    Fast forward to through roughly I had entered into another relationship. This time it was unhealthy and I "lost" myself in a guy, which if I could go back I would've handled things differently. But who has time for shoulda, coulda, wouldas? I had gotten into Bikram yoga and was finally coming back to my true love and one thing that kept me sane and whole, yoga.

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    But I learned so much about myself in august of That is where I really began my fitness journey. I exited that relationship and focused on me. Up until now, I've lost about 30 pounds and gained something back I was missing most. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to truly listen to what our customers want. Submit an idea!

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