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Indeed, she disappears altogether from the narrative until the announcement of her death and burial at Kadesh Num Negative as well as positive traditions about Miriam testify to her prominence, power, and prestige in early Israel.

She participates with Moses and Aaron to lead the Israelite community during the exodus and the wanderings. Her role in saving her baby brother and in celebrating the crossing of the sea highlights her concern for her people. Later they reciprocate. Despite the instructions of God and Moses, the people refuse to continue the march in the wilderness until the diseased Miriam is restored Num Three references to them at her death further underscore their loyalty to her.

Nature also honors Miriam. At her triumphal entry, the living waters of the Red Sea surround her Exod —20 ; at her demise the wells in the desert dry up Num Centuries later, prophecy remembers her as the equal of Moses and Aaron in representing God before the people Mic Moreover, prophecy includes her, though not by name, within its eschatological vision.

Evvy's Civil War

Jeremiah says that in days to come, Israel will have a new exodus. It will go forth again with drums, dances, and merrymakers Jer As the inaugurator of a performance and composition tradition of song, drums, and dances in Israel, Miriam continues to resonate throughout its musical life see Pss ; ; Unlike most women in the Bible, Miriam is never called wife or mother. She has neither husband nor children. Jewish traditions, however, cannot tolerate her status as single. The historian Josephus deems Hur the husband of Miriam Antiquities 3. Rabbinic sources give her Caleb for a husband and Hur for a son but compare 1 Chr The Greek name Mary is the equivalent of the Hebrew Miriam.

In singing a song of deliverance Luke —55 , in embodying a demonic or diseased condition Luke , and in challenging male authorities Matt ; Luke ; John —18 , the various Marys of the Gospels reflect their namesake. Brenner, Athalya. Sheffield, England: Trible, Phyllis. Jewish Women's Archive.

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Meyers, Carol, General Editor. Women in Scripture. New York: Your name. About text formats. Web page addresses and email addresses turn into links automatically.

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When I interviewed her in , Tlali recalled being brutally beaten in her home in Soweto by police on several occasions. During those years, she would wrap her manuscripts-in-progress in plastic shopping bags at the end of each day, and bury them in her back yard to avoid police confiscating them during raids. Despite this persecution, Tlali never countenanced leaving her beloved Soweto.

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She recalled, on her return to South Africa from a residency at Iowa State University, having to smuggle her manuscript off the plane. Police were waiting for her at passport control, ready to seize any politically incendiary material.

Miriam Lord

Tlali gave her manuscript to an American on board the flight while waiting to deplane. She quietly retrieved it from the American embassy at a later date. Her fiction, at first dismissed by literary critics mostly men as too descriptive — they say it had an almost stenographic quality.

It is the only work of its time and place that systematically dissects the overlap of apartheid racial discrimination and patriarchal oppression.

Rest in power, Miriam Tlali: author, enemy of apartheid and feminist

This is a prominent theme in her fiction. Yet her women characters are not victims — they fight back, physically or through educating their communities. They carve out for themselves social spaces where they are able to organise against such abuse. Tlali received numerous awards during her lifetime, most notably, the Presidential Award, the Order of Ikhamanga Silver in , as well as a lifetime achievement award from the South African Literary Awards. At the frontiers of the urban: thinking concepts and practices globally — London.

UEA Inaugural lecture: Behind the thin ideal: the importance of feminism in understanding and treating eating problems — Norwich, Norfolk. Discovering new planets — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Barbara Boswell , University of the Witwatersrand.