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If priests be good it is so surely; But when Jesus hanged on the cross with great smart There he gave, out of his blessed heart, The same sacrament in great torment: He sold them not to us, that Lord Omnipotent.

Ben Johnson's most important mcq -. Every man in His Humour

Therefore Saint Peter the apostle doth say That Jesu's curse hath all they Which God their Saviour do buy or sell, Or they for any money do take or tell. Sinful priests giveth the sinners example bad; Their children sitteth by other men's fires, I have heard; And some haunteth women's company, With unclean life, as lusts of lechery These be with sin made blind.

I trust to God no such may we find; Therefore let us priesthood honour, And follow their doctrine for our souls' succour; We be their sheep, and they shepherds be By whom we all be kept in surety. Peace, for yonder I see Everyman come, Which hath made true satisfaction. Now Jesu be our alder speed. And now, friends, let us go without longer respite; I thank God that ye have tarried so long.

Now set each of you on this rod your hand, And shortly follow me: I go before, there I would be; God be our guide. Everyman , we will not from you go, Till ye have gone this voyage long. And though this pilgrimage be never so strong, I will never part you fro: Everyman , I will be as sure by thee As ever I did by Judas Maccabee. Alas, I am so faint I may not stand, My limbs under me do fold; Friends, let us not turn again to this land, Not for all the world's gold, For into this cave must I creep And turn to the earth and there to sleep.

By Ben Jonson

Yea, by my faith, and never more appear. In this world live no more we shall, But in heaven before the highest Lord of all. I cross out all this; adieu by Saint John ; I take my cap in my lap and am gone. Peace, I am deaf; I look not behind me, Not and thou would give me all the gold in thy chest.

Alas, whereto may I trust? Beauty goeth fast away hie; She promised with me to live and die. Everyman , I will thee also forsake and deny; Thy game liketh me not at all. Why, then ye will forsake me all. Sweet Strength , tarry a little space. Nay, sir, by the rood of grace I will hie me from thee fast, Though thou weep till thy heart brast. Yea, I have you far enough conveyed; Ye be old enough, I understand, Your pilgrimage to take on hand; I repent me that I hither came.

Strength , you to displease I am to blame; Will you break promise that is debt? In faith, I care not; Thou art but a fool to complain, You spend your speech and waste your brain; Go thrust thee into the ground. I had wend surer I should you have found. He that trusteth in his Strength She him deceiveth at the length. Both Strength and Beauty forsaketh me, Yet they promised me fair and lovingly. Everyman , I will after Strength be gone, As for me I will leave you alone.

Yea, in faith, I will go from thee, For when Strength goeth before I follow after evermore. Yet, I pray thee, for the love of the Trinity, Look in my grave once piteously. O all thing faileth, save God alone; Beauty , Strength , and Discretion ; For when Death bloweth his blast, They all run from me full fast. Everyman , my leave now of thee I take; I will follow the other, for here I thee forsake. Nay, Everyman , I will bide with thee, I will not forsake thee indeed; Thou shalt find me a good friend at need.

Knowledge , will ye forsake me also? Yea, Everyman , when ye to death do go: But not yet for no manner of danger. Nay, yet I will not from hence depart, Till I see where ye shall be come. Methinketh, alas, that I must be gone, To make my reckoning and my debts pay, For I see my time is nigh spent away. Take example, all ye that this do hear or see, How they that I loved best do forsake me, Except my Good-Deeds that bideth truly.

All earthly things is but vanity: Beauty , Strength , and Discretion , do man forsake, Foolish friends and kinsmen, that fair spake, All fleeth save Good-Deeds , and that am I. Into thy hands, Lord, my soul I commend; Receive it, Lord, that it be not lost; As thou me boughtest, so me defend, And save me from the fiend's boast, That I may appear with that blessed host That shall be saved at the day of doom.

In manus tuas --of might's most For ever-- commendo spiritum meum. Now hath he suffered that we all shall endure; The Good-Deeds shall make all sure. Now hath he made ending; Methinketh that I hear angels sing And make great joy and melody, Where Everyman's soul received shall be. Come, excellent elect spouse to Jesu: Hereabove thou shalt go Because of thy singular virtue: Now the soul is taken the body fro; Thy reckoning is crystal-clear.

Now shalt thou into the heavenly sphere, Unto the which all ye shall come That liveth well before the day of doom. This moral men may have in mind; Ye hearers, take it of worth, old and young, And forsake pride, for he deceiveth you in the end, And remember Beauty , Five-wits , Strength , and Discretion , They all at the last do Everyman forsake, Save his Good-Deeds , there doth he take.

But beware, and they be small Before God, he hath no help at all. None excuse may be there for Everyman : Alas, how shall he do then? For after death amends may no man make, For then mercy and pity do him forsake. And he that hath his account whole and sound, High in heaven he shall be crowned; Unto which place God bring us all thither That we may live body and soul together.

Thereto help the Trinity, Amen, say ye, for saint Charity. I, God, that all the world have wrought Heaven and Earth, and all of nought, I see my people, in deed and thought, Are foully set in sin. My ghost shall not lodge in any man That through fleshly liking is my fone, 18 But till six score years be gone To look if they will blynne.

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Every Man out of his Humour, by Ben Jonson

For it harms me so hurtfully The malice now that can multiply, That sore it grieveth me inwardly, That ever I made man. Therefore Noah, my servant free, That righteous man art, as I see, A ship soon thou shalt make thee, Of trees dry and light. Little chambers therein thou make And binding slich 20 also thou take Within and out, thou not slake To annoint it through all thy might.

Three hundred cubits it shall be long, And so of breadth to make it strong, Of height so, then must thou fonge, 21 Thus measure it about. One window work though thy might; One cubit of length and breadth make it, Upon the side a door shall fit For to come in and out. Eating-places thou make also, Three roofed chambers, one or two: For with water I think to stow 22 Man that I can make. Destroyed all the world shall be, Save thou, thy wife, and sons three, And all their wives, also, with thee, Shall saved be for thy sake.

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Ah, Lord! I thank thee, loud and still, That to me art in such will, And spares me and my house to spill As now I soothly find. Thy bidding, Lord, I shall fulfil, And never more thee grieve nor grill 23 That such grace has sent me till Among all mankind. Have done you men and women all; Help, for aught that may befall, To work this ship, chamber, and hall, As God hath bidden us do.

Father, I am already bowne, 24 An axe I have, by my crown! As sharp as any in all this town For to go thereto. I have a hatchet, wonder keen, To bite well, as may be seen, A better ground one, as I ween, Is not in all this town. And I can well make a pin, And with this hammer knock it in; Go and work without more din; And I am ready bowne. Noah's Wife. And we shall bring timber too, For women nothing else to do Women be weak to undergo Any great travail.

Shem's Wife. Here is a good hackstock; On this you must hew and knock: Shall none be idle in this flock, Nor now may no man fail.

Ham's Wife. And I will go to gather slich, 25 The ship for to clean and pitch; Anointed it must be, every stitch, Board, tree, and pin. Japhet's Wife. And I will gather chips here To make a fire for you, in fear, And for to dight 26 your dinner, Against you come in. Now in the name of God I will begin, To make the ship that we shall in, That we be ready for to swim, At the coming of the flood. These boards I join together, To keep us safe from the weather That we may roam both hither and thither And safe be from this flood.

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Of this tree will I have the mast, Tied with gables that will last With a sail yard for each blast And each thing in its kind. With topmast high and bowsprit. With cords and ropes, I hold all fit To sail forth at the next weete 27 This ship is at an end. Wife in this castle we shall be kept: My children and thou I would in leaped! In faith, Noe, I had as lief thou had slept, for all thy frankishfare, 28 For I will not do after thy rede.

By Christ not, or I see more need, Though thou stand all the day and rave. Lord, that women be crabbed aye! And never are meek, that I dare say. This is well seen of me to-day In witness of you each one. Good wife, let be all this beere 30 That thou makest in this place here, For they all ween thou art master; And so thou art, by St. Noah, take thou thy company And in the ship hie that you be, For none so righteous man to me Is now on earth living.


Of clean beasts with thee thou take Seven and seven, or thou seake, He and she make to make Quickly in that thou bring. Of beasts unclean two and two, Male and female, without more; Of clean fowls seven also, The he and she together. Of fowles unclean two, and no more; Of beasts as I said before: That shall be saved through my lore Against I send the weather.

Of all meats that must be eaten Into the ship look there be gotten, For that no way may be forgotten And do all this by deene. Seven days be yet coming, You shall have space them in to bring; After that it is my liking Mankind for to annoy. Forty days and forty nights, Rain shall fall for their unrights; And that I have made through my might, Now think I to destroy.

Lord, at your bidding I am bayne, 33 Since none other grace will gain, It will I fulfil fain, For gracious I thee find. A hundred winters and twenty This ship making tarried have I: If, through amendment, any mercy Would fall unto mankind.

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