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Dash around the deck of a pirate ship, and use your harpoon gun to pop dangerous bouncing bubbles! Pang Pirate is a challenging, pirate-themed, bubble popping action game where you play against the clock, ridding each level of all colored bubbles that threaten to knock your pirate hero overboard as they bounce around the deck of the ship! Inspired by Bubble Trouble, Bubble Struggle and other similar titles, this is an action-packed, bubble popping extravaganza for players of all ages! Skills required: This tricky, timing-based arcade game requires very fast reactions, sharp keyboard control, and good hand-eye coordination as well as a cool head with lots of determination, patience and stamina.

Good anticipation skills are important as you attempt to predict when and where the hazardous bubbles will bounce. For elementary school age kids through high school teens and fun puzzle-loving adults! Get your analytical thinking skills in tune and fill a container with exactly 6 liters of water to help solve a tricky puzzle that will enable your alien friend Golo to escape a cave.

Golo is trapped by a large metal gate and can only escape when you place a container filled with 6 liters of water onto a special scale! The catch in Golo in the Cave is that the only containers available to you are 7-liter and 5-liter pitchers, and each time you use the nearby well to add water, it fills the either container to the very top! However, you can pour water from one container to the other, and empty the containers whenever you like.

Through a combined method of math-based logic and water transfer, you must figure out the best way to end up with exactly 6 liters of water in the 7-liter jug!

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Skills Required: Fans of interactive, visual and logic-based math puzzles should enjoy this stimulating, one-level brain teaser game. Golo in the Cave requires sharp analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, common sense reasoning and strategy, determination and stamina to get the puzzle solved! Play a highly-challenging, judgment-based jumping game on your Android device, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! Climbing Up is a really tricky skill-based game with a simple concept where you score points by leaping vertically onto a platform positioned directly above your ninja hero.

However, you must carefully judge how much power to put into each jump. If you jump with too much power, your hero crashes into the spikes at the top of the play area.

If your jump has insufficient power, you fall through the abyss at the bottom of the game screen! Only a pinpoint perfect jump will work! Skills required include alert judgment skills, strategy, good hand-eye coordination and timing with regard to how long you hold down the click or tap for each jump. Trial and error also comes into play as you get used to the mechanism for jumping and gauge how much power to put into each jump. Each successful jump scores one point. Keep playing and trying to surpass your top score each time! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, Pop-Up is a one-level, timing-based ball control game where you must keep an ascending ball under control by guiding it upwards by tapping your screen or clicking your mouse through endless sets of opening and closing gateways.

This is a repeat-play challenge where your goal is to beat your top score with each new attempt You score one point for each gate you pass through. Trial and error is important as it may take you a few attempts to get to grips with the action and the constant movement of your little white ball.

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Help a short-sighted mole to reach the Exit Door in 20 platform levels by strategically and tactfully adding helpful objects to the game environment! Playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, Moley the Purple Mole is an innovative, interactive physics-based puzzle game and problem-solving activity.

Here, you must drop special tools onto the play area in order to create bridges, pathways, and jumping platforms so that your mole hero can grab a key and escape through the Exit Door in each level to eventually rescue the cute princess. The catch is that you cannot control the actual movement of Moley once he sets off — you must tactically interact with the game environment in order to deflect and direct him toward his goal.

To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include a combination of sharp analytical thinking and logic skills, creative engineering, problem-solving determination, and a willingness to learn from mistakes and use trial and error to your advantage. Strategically push bird-like crates into special designated nests in this Sokoban-based, block sliding puzzle! Levels increase in difficulty as you progress, with obstacles being added to make your moves even more limited and challenging!

Determination, focus, and high levels of concentration also come into play, especially in later levels when the puzzles are more complex. Controls: Simply click and drag or tap and swipe in the direction you want to push the bird boxes. Birds can only be pushed around, not dragged or pulled into position. You can also push one bird crate into another, and this is an important strategy in later levels.

Boxhead Halloween game continues the global mission of saving civilians from zombies.

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You must play the part of the hero and go out and save all civilians in the village. You have a limited amount of time to find a group of civilians wondering around the village looking to be rescued. The more time you spend looking around — the more zombies that crawl out from their hideout. Lead the civilians the blue guys to safety while defending them from the zombie onslaught. Your mission is to bring the whole group safely to the rescue point, and the less time you spend shooting zombies — the more time you have for search and rescue.

There are 4 different weapons to choose from, and they become available as you advance through the levels. You have the choice of a Pistol, Uzi, Shotgun and Grenade when it comes to defence from the zombies. Each gun except the pistol has a limited amount of ammo but there are boxes of ammunition available at various places on the street to top up your ammo reserve.

Do not try to shoot every zombie you see — it is not your job to shoot them all down. Your job is to rescue the civilians! Play online games for free, no download: PC games for kids to play now with best friends, sisters, brothers, family at home when bored. Free online games for PC, Mac desktop, notebook, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, android, iPhone, iPad. New online games, 2d flash arcade games, 3d car games, virtual worlds..

Games Online Games for Free Online games play free now. Rating : 7. Online Games 1 2 3 4 5 6. Best-Rated 1 2. Om Nom Nom Munch. XO Wars. Bubble Invasion.

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Global Player. Red Wire. Independent Miner. Retro Redux. Jolly Frog. Pang Pirate. Golo in the Cave. Climbing Up. Moley the Purple Mole. Sort Bird.

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Some of the puzzles in the game are word puzzles that could easily be completed with a pencil and paper. These include anagrams, cryptograms, crossword-like clues, and filling in missing vowels.

But there's more to it than the newspaper fun page; Johnson stepped up and took advantage of the computer medium to move beyond traditional pencil-and-paper puzzles. His logic puzzles include shifting letters on different preset tracks to spell words, figuring out which three rearrangements of letters will spell a new word, and grids of windows that must be closed by clicking on them to alternately open or close individual windows.

On top of all this, Johnson integrated puzzles into other puzzles. Whether it be a crossword-like clue that gives you the word that is the theme for the whole puzzle or having to find the solutions to a final puzzle from the solutions of all the previous ones, you always have to be on the lookout for new clues. For logic puzzle junkies, this provides a great fix.

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Interestingly, the puzzles that initially seem the most obtuse end up being the easiest to solve, while those that seem the most tractable can be the most difficult. This is a key to the puzzle designs that makes them worth solving. The puzzles where you are stuck without knowing what to do at the beginning always have an epiphany moment where you get the right word and it falls into place.

Once you realize that all words for instance contain the number two, or are part of compound words with "black," the puzzle becomes simple to solve. Meanwhile, other puzzles -- like the ones where you shift letters around on different tracks or must rearrange letters three times to spell a different word -- end up taking the most time.

You'll initially try a few things and see yourself getting closer to the solution only to realize too late that you've spelled "mabey" instead of "maybe. In between sessions of wracking their brains to come up with puzzle solutions, players are presented with a truly whimsical story. As a number three, you find yourself in the land of letters and must cope with their idiosyncrasies -- which generally include mistaking you for an oddly shaped "B.