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Natural pulse ingredients

Pulse flours include pea, lentil, faba bean and chickpea. In certain applications the inherent flavor profile of pulses is a perfect fit, while in other applications where flavor is delicately balanced, a bland, neutral flavor is preferred. You can now use pulse ingredients in a broader range of applications with our new line of clean-taste pulse ingredients — and still get the nutritional and clean label benefits you want — without having to compromise flavor or sacrifice on taste.

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Plant protein with organic appeal Add protein and consumer-winning claims with our new high-performance isolate. Learn more. Explore Pulses. The pulse industry's growth is increasingly becoming a key to the future sustainability of the whole Australian grains industry as the strategic importance of pulses within the cereal cropping system in Australia continues to grow.

Research has shown that farm systems gain substantial benefit from the increased yield and protein content in cereal and oilseed crops that are planted following pulse crops. Pulse Australia's strategic planning process helps to ensure that the Australian pulse industry can meet its future challenges and continue to provide the world with the highest quality products of the greatest integrity. For more information: Australian pulse industry.

Pulses- Scientific names

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