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It definitely makes it challenging for us. Ventura County Assistant Fire Chief Chad Cook said significant manpower was devoted to areas near the Reagan Library through the morning to protect the landmark. Helicopters repeatedly dropped loads of water behind the library amid mph winds, turning the flames into smoke on a ridge feet below.

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With fire sweeping down the ridge toward Roosevelt Court, an off-duty LAPD officer began yelling, alerting residents that the blaze was headed down the hill. Tensions immediately heightened as the flames became visible to homeowners.

I am ready to go. Simi Valley police began directing everyone via loudspeaker to leave the neighborhood behind the Reagan Library. Kaplan joined the exodus. Just south of Madera Road, a group of neighbors stood in an intersection in the Village on the Green neighborhood in the Wood Ranch area, watching the fire crawl down nearby hillsides and waiting to see whether they would be evacuated. Helicopters flew close overhead, the sound of their engines echoing as they dumped load after load of water on the blaze. The wind ebbed and flowed through the neighborhood, shooting cold air past the group.

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I just made sure I had clean clothes on in case I need to go. Hours earlier, thousands of residents fled their homes as wind-whipped flames rapidly consumed large swaths of brush, casting hillsides in an orange glow. All Simi Valley public schools were closed because of the fire, and a shelter has been set up at the Thousand Oaks Community Center at N.

Moorpark Road. Kris Mae, 69, was one of the first people to arrive at the community center. Mae, an early riser, had been watching television on mute and listening to the radio when she heard the announcer say there was a fire near the Reagan Library — about four miles from her house.

Outside, she saw a beige-and-red-hued plume of smoke. But she was prepared.

She had packed her car with several suitcases, boxes of important files and a fire safe about a month ago when the first major fires of the season started. Chandler Collins, 23, was jolted awake early Wednesday by the sound of his grandmother banging on his door. They had to evacuate. It was still dark outside, but he could see flames licking uphill near their home, which is on the same road as the Reagan Library.

Luco v. United States/Opinion of the Court

The Easy fire was one of several blazes that broke out across Southern California on Wednesday. Throughout the day firefighters converged on multiple blazes throughout the region — the Hill fire in Jurupa Valley in Riverside is the largest of the others at acres and at times closed the 60 Freeway. The new fires come amid dangerous weather conditions and the threat of more intentional power blackouts as utility companies attempt to reduce wildfire risk.

In the area of the Easy fire, gusts of about 30 mph from the northeast were reported nearby around 8 a. By midday Wednesday, Southern California was facing peak fire weather, with winds of up to 78 mph at Boney Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains in Ventura County, while relative humidity fell to rock bottom, clocking at zero at Mt. The air was exceedingly dry throughout Ventura County. The extreme fire weather conditions are expected to persist through Thursday evening, the National Weather Service said.

On Thursday night through Friday, top winds will weaken to gusts of 25 mph to 35 mph. Southern California is expected to get a break from Santa Ana conditions next week. Unfortunately, there is no outlook for rain over the next 10 days. Fire danger from power lines was underscored Tuesday when L. Real Estate. About Us. Community papers. Subscription Services. Privacy and Terms. British staging of much-revived Andrew Lloyd Webber musical will get a short run at the Civic Theatre downtown.

Public Safety. Car stolen, recovered after fight in Target parking lot in Mission Valley. The victim was walking to his car in the Target lot around a. Supreme Court case of Trump vs. Roberts Jr.

Real Estate News. Little-known tax credit could save disabled veterans thousands. San Diego County officials have been working to get the word out about the tax credit for percent disabled veterans. Visual Arts. New mural in Chicano Park celebrates the history of lowriding. Pending review of San Diego County jail deaths criticized as shallow, praised as road to improvement.

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra urges appellate court to throw out carbon offset plan that would pave the way for auto-centric housing developments. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Inmate crews set backfires to heavy brush along Madera Rd. Helicopters drop water after inmate crews set backfires to heavy brush along Madera Rd. Helicopters hit flames and burning brush along Madera Road as firefighters battle the Easy fire in Simi Valley. A horse runs free on Tierra Rejada Road early Oct. John Malta waters down mulch at his home while firefighters battle the Easy fire in Simi Valley.

Original 'Marlboro Man' remembered by his son. Police: Woman found after being abducted and left to die. See the Berlin Wall fall 30 years ago.

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Juul stops sales of popular mint flavor. Worker dies after exposure to fumes in Buffalo Wild Wings. Drake launches cannabis company. Support growing for inmate nearing execution date. Seven-month-old baby found alive after massacre. Their ancestors were slain a century ago along the US-Mexico border. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Christine Molis, her hands on the wheel, knew that already, of course. It was a critical detail of the story her year-old mother was about to retell, the story of what happened in this place -- the single event that, in their view, altered their family's destiny.

The narrative had always been there, in relatives' musings about what might have become of the family's wealth and influence if not for the killings so long ago of hundreds of Mexican-Americans by members of the vaunted Texas Rangers who took justice into their own hands.

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The saga -- known as La Matanza , or The Massacre -- had recently crept onto the public stage with a push for historical markers acknowledging the slayings, along with the era's anti-Mexican rhetoric and unequal treatment of Americans of Mexican descent in the border region. Its underlying elements also seemed to be there in the latest headlines about securing the US-Mexico border in the age of President Donald Trump: the militia group detaining migrants in New Mexico, the US citizens asked for ID when a border agent in Montana heard them speak Spanish, the humanitarian crisis faced by migrant children detained in Texas and Trump's own racist tweets insisting Democratic congresswomen of color leave the United States if they don't like his policies.

The circumstances of the stories -- then and now -- are not the same. But all hinge on who's welcome in the United States and how to treat those who aren't.

Florida man accidentally shot dead son-in-law who jumped out of bush to surprise him

And for many descendants of those killed a century ago, the old stories -- often ignored in textbooks and unknown even by those with a firm grasp of US history -- may hold lessons for how to face today's challenges and ensure injustice doesn't again prevail. It's why so many who trace their lines back to the early 20th-century horrors want to share the details of what happened right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Dry leaves crackled underfoot and dogs barked in the distance as Coody lifted the gate's metal latch.