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Last but certainly not least It appears the whole country has gone eclipse mad! My social media went bonkers a few days ago with people trying to find those little eclipse glasses. Here in KC we are very close to the line of totality and I have plans to head north about an hour to experience in all it's glory. Are you camping for the big event? I hope to do a story on it in the September issue of Cool Tears!

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February January December November October September August Is it specifically you hire the general manager first or are you looking for both at the same time? Could you hire a coach first? Could you give the coach all the power and have him hire the executive? We need to make sure that the head coach and the general manager know each other, have a good understanding for each other.

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Again, we are going to be judged on what we do and what we accomplish. I own this football team. What were your expectations as far as wins and losses and ultimately can you say there were these two reasons or three reasons why Chip had to go? After three coaches in the last three years, how do you sell this organization as a stable place for prospective coaches and GMs? There are some pieces here.

We in the media, probably more than anyone, appreciate job security and longevity. And, there are pieces that we need to build on the coaching staff and the roster and the personnel department. What do you think went wrong here? You just mentioned Is that a possibility for this go-around where you have a strong head coach who hires a personnel guy? We need to get the right people.

So, whether the head coach is in control or the general manager is in control, they need to be accountable to each other. You seem to be suggesting that those communication issues were not occurring this year. Is that the right read? I think that speaks for itself. Can you even say that? Have you started doing it? What do the candidates look like for you and how deep of a pool do you think you have?

Last year, many fans were hoping that you would get rid of Trent before the season.

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I was very clear last year about where Trent stood. I think Trent had done a lot of great things for this organization in the past. But, it was time to make a change. You said you own this football team. You need somebody that understands culture and can be accountable and can hold people accountable.

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You need somebody that can communicate well. And with a head coach, we need somebody that can set a culture.

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We need somebody that can communicate upstairs, downstairs, sideways, backwards, forwards. Make sure that you get to the first player on the roster and the 53 rd player on the roster and figure out how we can continue to build and know that no roster in this league is perfect. You look at all 32 teams and the teams that we can all pick that we say that are going to be in Houston, there are deficiencies in those.

How do we make sure that we identify our deficiencies and we can hide them as much as we can. How do we identify our strengths and make sure that we can do as much with those as we can.

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And again, that comes from having the right discussions with the head coach and the general manager and putting the right people together. Is assistant general manager Tom Gamble a candidate in-house for general manager and you talked about not sparing any expense, will you roll over your complete salary cap surplus from this year to next year? And our general manager and head coach will have the opportunity to spend it however they wish to make sure that we can rebuild this roster. Paraag will be with me in the interviews.