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His crush has been built up so high and he has idealised the other person so much that turning it into a reality seems impossible. The video shows him sweating on a bed, unable to sleep I'm probably wrong but that is what it means to me. No Replies Log in to reply.

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There was an error. General Comment My fave love song by a great band. I reckon the lyrics are about a guy just having a row with his girlfriend and then trying to make up with her.

Ten Storey Love Song lyrics

The line "When you're so much in love You don't know just how much you can stand" suggests that even though they love each dearly it can get a bit too much. Then the line "Take my hand Baby I'm your man I've got loving enough for two" means he's trying to make up with her and leave all the fighting behind. How a song can be grand and sweeping, big and high enough to envelope you and elevate you ten stories above the fray.

One of the Roses' most poignant, direct songs. Features as always some incredible ensemble playing. The groove created by Mani's rollicking, uncannily melodic bass and Reni's incomparable drumming is a gift from heaven, I can't praise it enough.

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The rhythm is just so delicate and sublime, it really makes this track something special! The second verse for me really comes alive. The groove really sets in, and the line "no shortcut through the trees" I find really evocative for some reason. So is "as you're lyin' awake in this darkness". General Comment i cant believe no one has said anything about this song.

Letra "Ten Storey Love Song" de The Stone Roses

I love this song. Without doubt this is a song about a guy telling a friend that he will always be there for her no matter what. General Comment fan-bloody-tastic. General Comment What a song?!

Ten Storey Love Song by Richard Milward

Unknown Ledgend. General Comment I think it is about a friendship but he is in love with the girl who is coming to the end of her own relationship, and he has always been in love with her: "Someday soon - don't know where or when You're gonna wake up and see the light" One day she will realise how he really feels about her General Comment Oh well, only three years after the last post, but here I am now Ianhow, I've only just read that Ten Storey Love song could possibly be read as Tense Tory love song- in other words, it's a trap baby!

As Blake said says? John Squire's little test, where the soaring melodic ballad veils the truth. General Comment I think this song is about a bloke who is comforting a girl who just split up with her boyfriend but the bloke has always loved her and is telling her how much he loves her "baby I'm your man" "and I love you true" etc This song has helped me through some hard times! The lyrics are so true. General Comment Second Coming is an album that is full of mystical references. But Barnes manages to make these characters three-dimensional.

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Although the cast narrates the action with internal monologues galore, director Paul Smith stages the work with each actor holding a hand-microphone, a DJ, a singer, and a kaleidoscope of literal, abstract, and drug-induced images via projections behind them, so the space becomes more of an out-of-control party rather than a staid kitchen-sink drama.

The cast not only performs their main roles along with some smaller parts but they also voice sound effects and rhythmic patter, act as pigeons, and there is one scene with a very funny police dog.

Ten Storey Love Song

The directing style serves the material well. Each performer brings an uncomfortable truth to their roles. May is disturbingly creepy as the pervy Blunt but showing his range, he sloughs off that darkness entirely when he becomes a London art dealer.

Cole and Thompson portray Johnnie and Ellen as less oil and water, and more napalm and flesh bringing subtlety to a couple who may love each other but are constantly inflicting pain on the other. In some ways the strength of the performances, the vivid vernacular of the work, and the atmospheric music beautiful, haunting, and carefully calibrated really make some of the projections redundant. For all the sugary and hallucinatory images, it was a simple smeary, rain-soaked window that became the visual that stayed with me.

All in all, Barnes and company conjure a specific and finely-crafted world. She was a co-host and co-producer of the Maxamoo theater podcast. She blogs at Mildly Bitter's Musings.