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It is time for a new investment in our community—one that will far surpass the current standards of animal welfare. For the past 18 months, we have been working with a team of dedicated local businesses and individuals to design our future: the animal welfare and education hub of the North Valley. Join us on the journey home! With over 10, square feet of animal space and plenty of wide-open community spaces, our new shelter will be an amazing place to adopt, volunteer and learn.

Contacts: Kristy Haber, Campaign Coordinator capitalcampaign buttehumane.

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Recognizing that many caring people may not have the capacity to make a sizable gift at any one time, we suggest the alternative of making a smaller gift on a monthly basis. If your company has such a program, please request their matching gift form and send the completed form to us. Services such as painting, construction, building materials, artwork, etc.

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Click here to read more. The horrors of war leave psychological scars that make it difficult to reenter civilian life. Many are hesitant to seek the help they need, or encounter red tape and stigma when they do reach out for help. And so many want to help. He is a Grammy-award-winning music icon that has been performing for more than 50 years. Launched in August , the project shares stories from community members whose lives have been affected by homelessness. The organization also runs Willowbridge transitional housing 40 beds , and other housing assistance programs.

They've got a place to store their stuff. We can start helping organize. We can connect them to brain injury services.

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We can connect them to those things that help them This grant provided partial funding for operations. The Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society offers more than 30 culturally appropriate programs that support the community from preventing homelessness through to assisting people into housing. They encourage and support them to access services while balancing the need to ensure that bylaws are followed to help keep the community safe for everyone.

The aim of Take Steps is to realistically highlight some of the barriers people experiencing homelessness face while trying to move forward with their lives. It also hopes to stimulate not just compassion, but ideas and potential solutions from those not typically involved in the homeless serving sector. Take Steps Information Sheet. Take Steps - Fact Sheet. There is no singular cause of homelessness in any community. Much like every person is unique, every experience that leads a person into homelessness is unique.

However, there are socio economic trends that can be identified. Understanding the root causes of poverty and homelessness in our city is important to find viable solutions. Trends that have historically affected homelessness in Kelowna include peaks in population growth and housing supply, higher migration rates into Kelowna from other areas, tourism less rentals for locals , aging populations and growing income divides.

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An end to homelessness does not mean we will never have someone who needs emergency shelter or loses housing: that would not be realistic. Our goal is to prevent homelessness; and when it occurs, ensuring it is rare, short-lived and non reoccurring. Rather than declaring an end to homelessness, many communities strive to achieve Functional Zero.

This can be achieved when housing, beds and services are available for everyone who needs it. The goal is permanent housing and emergency shelters are only for temporary needs. There may always be families and individuals that will need emergency, transitional or supportive shelter. What we want is to have a response system that can act quickly to move people from homelessness to being properly supported.

Annual Homelessness Trends To understand the extent of homelessness in our community, the diverse dynamics involved in homelessness need to be addressed. At any given time, the number of people experiencing homelessness in our community can ebb and flow, but there are ways we can determine the level of supports needed. We need to focus on the numbers of people experiencing homelessness throughout the year, rather than only at a given point-in-time. This data comes from the Census, Statistics Canada. Transitionally Homeless: those who may experience homelessness short-term, generally less than a month.

Episodically Homeless: those who move in and out of homelessness. Chronically Homeless: those in our community who have been on the streets for a long time, potentially years. The data is important to identify trends and key issues related to homelessness. Policy makers, service providers and funders use the data to inform planning for housing related programs and services.

Details about the Point in Time Count for Kelowna can be found here. While the Point in Time count in an important tool, it is just a snapshot of the homelessness situation at one particular time. While it may capture an accurate look at those who are chronic or episodically homeless, it will likely only capture a percentage of those who are transitionally homeless. To develop a long-term strategy and effectively plan for the future, a broader look at homelessness including those who are at risk of losing their home, needs to be considered.

Two emerging best practices will be at the core of Kelowna's Journey Home plan:. It centers on moving people who are experiencing homelessness into housing as a first priority, and then providing wrap around supports as needed. The idea behind Housing First is that people are better able to improve their well-being and address individual needs such as income or sobriety if they are first housed. The goal of systems planning is to:. The causes and impacts of youth homelessness are distinct from adult homelessness, as such plans and interventions must be tailored to youth.

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Many young people lack the experience of living independently and at the same time may be in the throes of significant development social, physical, emotional, cognitive changes. All people, including our youth, have the right to the essentials of life, including adequate housing, food safety, education and justice.

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  • AWH-K is being embedded into the Journey Home Strategy to ensure a consistent approach to homelessness across the age spectrum. Tackling such a complex issue is a collaborative, community effort and any and all help is appreciated. All of the community input has been brought together to form the Journey Home Strategy. In addition to showing that the community is poised and ready to move forward with the Strategy, the signed pledges serve as a visual reminder that addressing homelessness effectively takes the whole community.

    If you would like to support Journey Home but aren't sure where to start, we welcome you to reach out initially by emailing journeyhome kelowna. Check out the Journey Home mythbusters sheet to learn about common misconceptions around homelessness. Journey Home.

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