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In the evening, have a party or feast while wearing your animal masks. The sillier, the better. You could even elect a Lord of Misrule to represent Loki and officiate the event. Prayer: Hail Odin, Yule Father, wish granter, lord of mystery and magic. May the fury of the wild host pass over me this Yule, leaving joyful gifts in your wake. Hail Frau Holda, lady of the hunt, lady of the snow which is the feathers from your pillow.

May you bless my home with warmth and productivity, so that I will be found worthy in your eyes. Create an ornament that embodies a wish you would like to see come true in the next year. It was said that Frau Holda would punish the lazy and reward the productive. Tonight, you will leave out offerings for both the Heathen equivalent of leaving out cookies and milk for Santa. Leave offerings outside overnight, including something for Odin and Frau Holda such as beer, mead, mulled wine, cakes, meat, etc , and something for their horses carrots, apples, sugar cubes, etc.

Though your light has descended into the underworld, we await your return after the darkness of fimbulvetr has left the earth. Bless us with your strength this Yule, knowing that every time of darkness must come to an end. May your example teach me loyalty for my loved ones, through thick and through thin.

It was the only thing in creation which had not been asked to swear an oath never to harm Balder. According to Saxo Grammaticus, Balder was killed by a sword named Mistlteinn by his foe Hotherus, who was a human hero.

In either case, mistletoe is a plant associated with Balder, as well as being a plant that is thought to have solar associations. Tonight, light candles in your house in honor of Balder and Nanna, petitioning them to fill your home with light and hope. Bless springs of mistletoe with prayers of happiness and protection for the home, and decorate them with ribbons, glitter, whatever strikes your fancy.

Hang the mistletoe in your home to ward away ill-wishing spirits and bring good luck. Honor to you and your descendants, who fill the world with their frozen beauty. Your people were feared and admired by the ancestors, back when they lived in a life and death dance with winter.


12 Devotional Days of Yule - Huginn's Heathen Hof

Tonight I honor you and pray for peace and balance between our people. May I never forget the respect that ice and snow deserve. Making and designing the bread is a fun family activity, and best done in a group. Here is a recipe you can follow.

December 21

You are the shadow that glides silently through the trees, hunting like a she-wolf for your prey. Hail Ullr, great hunter and skier who makes his home in Ydalir. You were an observer of holy oaths, and I pray you will remind my household to observe our oaths to the gods, to the natural world, and to each other. Take the ornaments to a tree in your backyard or out in nature.

Decorate the tree and leave them as an offering to the animals and nature spirits. According to Tacitus, Nerthus is a goddess of the earth, promoting peace and prosperity wherever her image was taken. I honor you today and ask that this Yule season and into the new year I would be blessed with your kindness and prosperity.

Celebration of Yule

Hail Nerthus, mother earth, Lady of peace and plenty. May the days ahead be filled with your frith and may the earth care for me as a mother. Celebration: For your dinner tonight, make a plum pudding to share with your family. Traditionally, every member of the family should help stir the mixture when the pudding is being made, asking for luck and blessings as they do. The person to find the coin receives a blessing of wealth for the next year and should keep it as a good luck charm.

Prayer: Hail Freyja, lady of love, lady of war, lady of prosperity, lady of magic. Celebration: Tonight, call upon Freyja to aid you in divination for the New Year. In Germany on new years eve, some families divine for their fortune by using Bleigiessen lead pouring. Small bits of led or tin are melted and then dropped into water. The form created by the metal is examined to determine the future. If you are unable to find a Bleigiessen kit, candles can also be used, pouring candle wax into water and then interpreting shapes in the wax.

Winter solstice 12222: Why do pagans celebrate the shortest day of the year?

Make sure to give an offering to Freyja to thank her for her assistance. I find that she is fond of champagne, strawberries, chocolate, amber incense, and flowers. I remember you and your golden apples today, and pray to you for hope and renewal. Hail Bragi, greatest of poets.

May you empower my voice to speak words of joy and blessing in the new year and the years to come. The ritual of Wassailing was held in order to pray for a good apple harvest, in which the town would encircle the largest apple tree, sing a traditional song, and place pieces of toast soaked in wassail in the branches for the birds and the spirits. Offer the tree and the spirits and the birds! Here is a traditional wassailing song you can sing:. Old apple tree we wassail thee and hope that thou shalt bear For the Lord doth know where we shall be come apples another year for to bloom well and to bear well So merry let us be let every man take off his hat.

As the Yule season ends, drive away any lingering malicious spirits with your hammer, and clear the way for a prosperous and blessed new year. Hail Sif, lady of harvest. May your blessing be upon the seeds that I plant with the coming of the new year, so that it may be happy, prosperous, and productive. Today, spiritually and physically cleanse your house. One way to accomplish this is to burn herbs which were traditionally associated with driving away evil energies namely Mugwort and Juniper in the northern traditions and fumigate the house, starting from the back of the house and working your way to the front and out the front door.

Take the ashes you saved from your Yule log and sprinkle them across the doorways for protection.

I hope you enjoy the next 12 days. Happy Yule!

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Here are examples of things you may want to focus on in the coming year depending on which handmaiden speaks up: 1. Thank you all for holding space for me. Thank you, Joanna, for your light touch and deep understanding as you weave this circle of safety around us. Wishing each of you a blessed and prosperous new year! He removed the lid from the bowl and stirred the stew. He picked up the spoon and tried a bite. Ilias sat on the edge of the table, swinging his legs and smiling fondly. And the tea is supposed to give you energy and, um, stamina. Ilias coughed into his fist and looked away.

He had gathered them while harvesting medicinal herbs in the hot house. Luckily the gardens had survived the occupation and the war, though they had gotten a bit wild from neglect.

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Now random wildflowers grew amongst the orderly herbs and vegetables. Ilias arranged the flowers in a jar and mixed a few of the medicines that Jayce needed before going on his rounds. Not very martial but it had been a camp favorite all the same. Later that night, when they were finally able to retire to their shared room, Jayce surprised him with a small bouquet of sweet smelling lilies. And tired though they were, they made the most of the rare, sweet moments together. It snowed all through the third day.

They huddled by the fireplace whenever they got a chance, Ilias steadily feeding the fire more wood to keep it stoked. During their break Ilias made a pot of hot cocoa for Jayce and gave him the peppermints he had bartered for at the market. Jayce sucked happily on the white and red candy, his lips stained with the dye.

When they kissed Jayce tasted delectably of chocolate and mint. On the fourth day Ilias gave Jayce a soft leather glove he had sewn for him. By day five Ilias was a little worried about running out of ideas. It was a weeklong celebration that culminated in a bonfire and feast on the night of the solstice. The idea came to him while he sat with Jayce during his meal breaks, watching him scarf down food as quickly as possible. Inspired, Ilias had devised a simple lunch, something that Jayce could eat in a hurry.

The kitchen staff all thought he was odd for making it, though Ilias thought it had turned out well. His recipe was simple: a warm biscuit sliced it in half, with eggs, cheese, and bacon in the middle. Jayce had loved it and told every single person in the infirmary about how good it was.

The next day Ilias was pleased to find his creation being mimicked and served to various lords and ladies, as well as the common folk. Ren had even come by to tell him how much he loved the biscuits.