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Could your stomach trouble be related to depression? Find out by keeping a symptom diary, which can help you identify patterns.

Responding to Debt

Print out this symptom diary , and fill it out. Then take it to your doctor to discuss what may be causing your symptoms. Depression Reference.

The Long-term Effects of Stress

And yet, for some reason, I find this an incredibly difficult attitude to transfer over to my struggle with depression. The thing is, in many cases, mental illness and being queer go hand in hand.

Theresa May wants to scrap the Mental Health Act. Here’s what should replace it | Mark Brown

More than half of individuals who identify as transgender experience depression or anxiety. At a recent event I attended, set up to train LGBT role models to visit schools and teach children about homophobia, no one explicitly mentioned their struggles with mental illness. But these problems have other names — depression, anxiety, addiction — that we consistently avoid, despite being in a community in which a large percentage of us will have undergone similar experiences.

WebMD's Symptom Finder: Physical Symptoms of Depression - Stomach

And this phenomenon replays itself over and over. This affects your blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, and glucose levels.

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You can have stomach and bowel symptoms. These symptoms can lead you to see a doctor, who then may rule out any disease process that might be causing them. Without a diagnosis, you may only get treatment aimed at relieving the symptoms, or no treatment at all.

You may continue to have the symptoms or only partial relief from them. What can you do when psychosomatic illness and medically unexplained symptoms continue?

Autoimmune disease and stress: Is there a link?

A few reviews have looked at what nonpharmacological solutions might be effective. Should you get psychological therapy? But the studies had several weaknesses, including publication bias. A previous review of a variety of psychological therapies also found that CBT was the most studied and had enough evidence to draw a conclusion that it may result in a small reduction in symptom severity compared to standard care or the waiting list.

Stress at the workplace

However, taking the step of seeing a psychologist is a big one for many people, let alone the cost of therapy. Self-help appears to be effective for reducing medically unexplained symptoms and improving quality of life. A review of studies found that self-help lowered symptom severity and seemed to maintain that effect on follow-up compared with usual care or being on a waiting list. These studies also were weak for methodology. Do you have a problem with stress and your health?

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To stay healthy, learn to deal with stress well and eliminate excessive stress from your life. You need to create a healthy lifestyle that includes less stress and more well-being.