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One problem is that many Christians are in it to feel good about themselves. They learn about Christ, get baptized, and then -poof! You never see them except on Sundays or Church outings. What is said here is true. When you get baptized so many things can happen. I have testimony on that. I was Baptized on 2nd September Unfortunately,after baptism,my wife got angry and for that,she decided to leave me.

After baptism,I am living alone. It is very difficult to be a christian,after accepting Jesus as your savior,you harvest divorce and everlasting stress. The only solution to keep on living with my wife is to give up on Jesus. I mean to leave the Church wich baptized in the water. The reason is purely to prevent them from realizing that God is myth.

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Nevertheless, Atheists, Christians or Muslims, we all err. The Church can help by helping science eliminate the genes that are responsible for our jealousy and greed. But even if it was possible, would they? They need to make an appointment to see him or invite them out to lunch. The time after service needs to be when the pastor can greet visitors. I hope a lot of people read this and truly consider the points you make. Thank you! I would add, get to know people as people instead of assuming you know what they believe. I came from a slightly different religion and I cannot count the number of mainstream and evangelical Christians who have spoke about my former religion, claiming to know what they believe.

Most of them were wrong. Some spoke of things only a few believe, others were flat out wrong. I was a project for conversion instead of a person worth getting to know. He allowed them the free will to choose. He offered love to those outside his religion. Communism purposed to do away with all who did not believe like them. Far more than any religious people. When the government reimburses the church for the cost of our youth and social programs then they can tax what is left over.

Ever heard of United Way a secular group? Excellent piece. These are definitely the problems I have with the many of the people I know who profess their Christianity to me.

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I find the first one to be very annoying. I am so frustrated by people who feel the need to hit me over the head with their religion every day on Facebook. Great article, Carey! If we would engage church outsiders with the goodness of God rather than judgment, more of them would be interested in what we have to say. I agree so much on the judgmental part. We should be all about serving and physically showing the love of Christ to our communities. A lot of good thoughts here Carey, well shared.

Like you I share a concern for the overt politicization of the church — from both the right and the left of the spectrum. We tend to spot the over identification with politics when the church leans right, but we tend not to spot it when the church leans left. When your concern for ecology is more evident than your concern for evangelism you have been co-opted. I also like what you said about social media use. Social Media is the new public square — particularly in Canada when it is too cold to sit in the actual public square 5 months out of the year!

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There is so much of that and there needs to be so much less. Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. Why do we get that exactly wrong? Appreciate you pointing that out — we need to be reminded. I also appreciated the point about ranking sin. Good reminder there too. Thanks for weighing in PC.

Article is a good read with some practical application to biblical truth. Politics affect us all. I agree with you, Rob Adams. We are to love others, no matter what sin they are involved in. Great to have someone like you to point this thing out!

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Pointing put that something is a sin is NOT hating people. When will people start to understand this little truth.

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Love the lawyer and judge illustration. So true. The picture of God as judge and Jesus as our Advocate is one of my favorites in the Bible. There we stand condemned, but our Attorney not only defends us, but takes our place so that we can be pardoned. Love it! Love your blog and you podcast. Thank you for being a blessing to Christian leaders. I am sorry but you see that is this is another problem of Christians. What you need to do is look to yourself and work to keep the values of your religion.

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People can access the information if they are interested. It is everywhere. Because then what is your interpretation of everything and the person should have the same views as you? Let them access all religions, you do not need to recruit like the army. If they wish to follow they will. No, keep to your own walk with whatever and do not lead anyone. Let them follow whatever they wish.

You want to educate then educate all religions not just one. Unfortunately Cynthia, you are incorrect about this. And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?

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And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? You are quoting something written in a time when people did not know. They can make their own decisions in this information supplied world!!. Stay in your little confined brainwashed system and let people discover what they want for themselves without condemnation, judgement, and bullying. Do you think that telling little children that if they do not behave they will go to hell is right? Scaring them to the point of having nightmares and peeing in the corner of their room because so scared is a good thing???

Strangers do not need to tell my children or anyone what to believe is right or wrong!!