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You could discuss what they want for dinner.

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You could find out exactly what they like and dislike. It would make dinnertime much more exciting and quiet for everyone! Imagine being able to discuss where they want to go for a walk. You could discuss other dogs too. Note what ones are nice and what ones your dog likes to play with. It would be like living a whole other life! Of course you would have trouble chatting about walks without them hearing and getting excited. Assuming they could spell too, w-a-l-k would be too easy!

A new code word would be required. We could ask their opinions. Well if they could talk, we could just ask them! My dog is always the first to meet new friends and boyfriends. They could actually tell us what they thought of them.

In detail. Before we introduce them to our parents. Without them speaking you can normally tell who your dog likes and who they want to keep a wide distance from, but being able to discuss this with them would make life a whole lot easier!

It Would be Much Better if Dogs Could Talk

We could explain. What do dogs think?

If Dogs Could Talk 2

We would actually know what dogs really think. What goes on in their head? Is it all food and sleep and walks? Do they have the capacity to have a conversation and would it be meaningful? Are they in pain?

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Talking dogs would eliminate this matter! But something else that Amazon claims the collar can do is both more impressive and intriguing…. They suggest the collar might actually be able to translate barks into English! So my dream of being able to talk to a dog could actually come true!

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